Gateway to the Abyss Leaderboard

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Where's the update, devs are slacking again lol
  2. They said next ud monday
  3. Update at 21th 00pst or 21th 8pm GMT.
  4. Devs already said next update is on monday.
  5. Need an update on this. I think Top 1000, went past 1200 Wisps
  6. ok i have not received my spyglass yet and it is starting to irritate me please fix it i do spend money on this game i expect it fixed
  7. "Spend money"

    :| ok
  8. Monday. Expect it at roughly 12pm pst
  9. UPDATE IN 11hrs 22mins! Stop asking again and again noobs hahaha

  10. boo hoo. its fair. no seals and im in top 1000.
  11. No seals huh? Must've sealed to get in that hte clan and xtal
  12. Anytime today kaw com , just pop an update right in there :)
  13. Few more hours if we get a update.
  14. Does now work for you? :)
  15. Kaw com #9 rank has a typo says it's in 2000'S and not 3000's
  16. Yep, been updated with the correct value.
  17. Woah slow down ppl :(