Gateway to the Abyss Leaderboard

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Funny coming from you
  2. Hawk. You dropped your mains build for this event too
  3. Fair? Did this NoOb actually say fair? It's a war game nooblet. When did war become fair?
  4. All is fair in war and i forget that other thing.
  5. its not coming dude so get over it and shut up
  6. 
  7. Why waste your first ever forum post on jester 
  8. Support
  9. Are you updating lb every two days devs or randomly or what ? cheers
  10. wondering the same thing lol
  11. Update the damn leader board!!!!
  12. SQUIRREL 
  13. Devs we will give you a quid from each of us if you update the lb. There we go that should do It greedy buggers always do the profitable stuff first ;)
  14. Support on updating the leader-board lol. I think y'all devs need some work to do and should update it daily xD :evil: :D :p
  15. Sorry guys, been quite busy today but I'll have the leaderboard updated shortly.

  16. Dope
  17. "I'll" ? You mean your one person :shock: What's happened to all the apes? :lol:
  18. There may be many of us apes, but there's only one kaw_community :)

    PS: Leaderboard is now updated. The next update will be on Monday.
  19. Ty
    Top 1k :)
    Going for top 500 by next update hehe