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Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Calm our butt? Multiple people are sharing butts now?
  2. My gh makes 30 a eb but my hfbc makes 3.....
  3. *slowly claps at rigged event* promises new lands but makes it so the tinys will do the best, knowing the rewards will expire before hey could possibly use em. Smart thinking devs!
  4. How do they have over 1k? That must have costed thousands of dollars I don't even have 100 yet. So you can see how unfair things really are in this game. Kinda like life the top 1% have everything and the bottom 99% can't even get decent paycheck.
  5. Another fabulous ata event
  6. Litterly doing a single unload on a hte for 30,shards payou On my g...and 3 on my main....this event is rigged wanting tinys towin so us who need the ****, wont get it.
  7. 2 full unloads on hte and I got 3 . Yes 3 .
  8. I've gotten zero this whole event. :lol:
  9. Your alt might have gotten luck with the 30 shard drop with one unload. Our clan owner got 49 with 2 unloads and he is ranked #1 in BH. Devs might be giving a random person a big wisp drop every other hte or something. Kin of been a commen thing.

    I seem to get 5 wisp per unload. Can't call it rigged :p. The top lb are probably all HFBC
  10. I get it every Eb.
  11. I have almost a thousand wisps on her, and i havnt xtaled or **** at all
  12. :lol:
  13. Lol. I just don't get the complaints about the big spenders being at top of lb. They make the game free for the 99% who spend nothing on kaw, but still want the best. If they didn't spend hundreds a day kaw wouldn't exist. Look at perfect drift. If you want what they have pay up. If not shut up.
  14. Or kick back n enjoy the kaw play u prefer
  15. No way if your active daily you won't get atleast 100 wisps. And for the first time ever, we all benifit from lb spending. Be happy we get xtals chests and maybe a free glass. Plus we all will get a gold chest and glass thanks to facebook. I'm the first to complain about these promos. This time i actually have no complaints, aside from the glasses being active as soon as we get them. That kinda sucks.
  16. We all benefit from all spenders.
    LB r hardly alone in the spending. Spyglasses open a land for everyone n luck of the draw.
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