Gaming poem

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  1. Saw this and thought of the kaw community :D

    The whole world is crazy,
    They think I am lazy,
    My homework isn’t done
    Because it’s not fun.

    They are calling me again,
    The games that never end.

    Everyone says it’s late,
    I’ll start my homework at 8……. a.m.
    Now that I am in school with homework overdue,
    I’ll copy from anyone, even you!

    To my parents I cry and whine
    I just need a little more time
    To battle the boss
    It’s worth it to me at any cost!

    I can’t seem to focus on anything else
    I want to battle more elves.

    So leave me alone,
    I am going to stay home
    Don’t call or write
    I’m too busy tonight

    Credit to,
    Victoria Picroski
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