Gameplay vs Cosmetics

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  1. Gameplay vs Cosmetics

    I've been driving myself insane lately looking at these suggestion threads.

    Rarely am I seeing anything referring to gameplay and how it's stale and needs a revamp.

    ESPECIALLY THE PVP SYSTEM WHICH HASNT BEEN UPDATED IN YEARSSSSSSSS (which would explain why few still participate)

    Regardless, people are requesting badges to show off X and ui overhauls (even though it's still completely functional)

    I am here to ask where you stand.

    Do you side with improving gameplay or pushing additions like cosmetics?
  2. Gameplay, I would rather a game be fun and look like ass than look gorgeous and boring as hell.
  3. why can't we have both?
  4. Kas you make me cringe nowadays. If you were active you'd understand the actual problems that are going on...

    but you're not so yeah go away
  5. I don't need to be active to post a thread about foolish occurrences.

    Anyway what are these 'actual problems', smort guy?
  6. You can actually have both, as not all gameplay updates require a graphical addition, with this the coding team can work the game play area as the art team can do cosmetics. As long as the gameplay to be introduced doesn't require the art team both can be accomplished and if it does require art well cosmetics can wait till the addition is completed.
  7. Updates? No, how about scraping it and doing a complete overhaul?
  8. I think I'm just going to drink a beer
  9. You actually do. Or at least have played the game in the last year or so which you have not.
  10. I don't see why we can't have both? AtA have quite a few developers and KaW brings in a pretty penny in revenue, definitely enough to pay at least 2 employees. One to update the mechanics and one to update the aesthetics.

    Although saying that, I doubt there are only two employees working on KaW, but that's just an example.

    I would love to see an update to the PvP system, hit ranges are insane. What I wouldn't give to have a peek under the hood of this app and help out with the code <3
  11. Ok so what cosmetic updates do you guys think are needed? Lands/menus seem fine... only thing I can think of is the 'avatar' with the equipment, which doesn't really matter much unless you actively search for people's avatars

    Gameplay-wise everything seems fine, war seems ~alright~ at the moment, people wanna do FFA wars then let them. Only ruining their own experience
    EB's kinda meh tbh, you hit it, you get rewards. Not much that can be changed there
    All in all I think the game's in a hella decent place at the moment. Stable enough to still succeed and that's all that really matters tbh
  12. You're not getting away... This is where you explain these OTHER ISSUES for the nice folks at home.

    If you don't I'd kindly like to say rip rip potato chip.
  13. I'm uncertain you grasp the term 'cosmetics'. Land design is sure but lands as a whole no. More lands = stat increases therefore, gameplay addition.
    only thing I can think of is the 'avatar' with the equipment, which doesn't really matter much unless you actively search for people's avatars

    Gameplay isn't fine. Pvp is basically dead, ebs are king, system wars (ARE DEAD TOO) and ee is becoming less and less prevalent because eq from events is better than most mith eq.

    The only thing that seems to be striving is ebs and osw but even then I hear bad things happening within osw. Like strips meaning absolute poop nowadays because of inflation.

    I agree except I think rewards have increased possibly, will look into this. (Assisting with inflation)

    You're so innocent. I won't try and wreck things for you.

    Stable enough to gain profit

    Couldn't agree more T_T
  14. No I can't be bothered. But I'm just saying notice all of these people commenting on this thread are active? Yeah? Well they know stuff.
  15. Liek wat, papi? :lol: