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  1. Does anyone ever get one of those feelings where they're like "God I loved that game. I must play it again" and then searches throughout their house/mother's basement for the game and the device they played on?

    Well this thread isn't for you :cool:

    Basically, whilst cleaning it came to me that I should play Urbz sims in the city again on my Nintendo DS. Now I'm a bit of a fanboy for Nintendo all the way up to the Wii U which I believe to be a complete waste of everyone's time.

    Urbz was made by "The Sims" and released in 2004/2005 depending on country or device. You are a character fallen on hard times and you have to complete mini games for money. The story arc is that you work your way with missions to become super rich and overthrow "Daddy Big Bucks" the game's villain.

    This has many hours of gameplay and constantly keeps you interested until the end. There are hidden cheats and extra side missions/stories that eventually merge into the main story.

    Basically, it's a lot of fun. Despite knowing all the ins and outs of the game, I still know that I could start again now and still get many hours of enjoyment from it. Ultimately, it still takes a chunk of time even when you know what to do which I love! It's a game that I can pick up whenever/wherever and I know I can still enjoy it again and again.

    On the flipside...

    The game Luigi's Mansion is an outstanding game for the GameCube. One of the console's best sellers and a game that takes several days to complete from a fresh perspective.

    It was one of the best games I have ever played. The story of Mario being in trouble for a change and relying on his "hapless" scaredy-cat brother is something that makes me love Luigi's even more.
    Mario wins a mansion to live in from a competition and invited Luigi over to come and see.

    When Luigi arrives the place is swarming with ghosts until he is saved by Professor E. Gadd (what a name!) with his Poltergeist 3000 vacuum cleaner. The professor teaches Luigi how to stun ghosts with a flashlight and then suck them up with the Hoover.

    Luigi then explores the mansion catching ghosts and defeating boss ghosts all with their story's of how they died etc. Until you face the boss battle of King Boo which'll release Mario from his enslavement.

    This game lasted many weeks of my younger days but I cannot bring myself to ever play it again. The memory of such a great game means that I can't ever play it again. I know it'll never be as good.

    Do you have any games that you regularly go back to? Or ones that you can't for fear of ruining the memory?

    Fire away forums :)

    Moody ️
  2. Bump to AT
  3. Those games were terrible, it was all about Crash Bandicoot and Spyro
  4. Sega Genesis
    Might and Magic i never finished and wouldn't mind starting again.

    Baldurs Gate also never finished.
  5. i feel this way about skyrim! after 3 years of owning the game there is still missions i haven't completed and places i need to discover. feels like the action is never ending (^:
  6. Wonderboy 3 Sega mastersystem
  7. Windows 95, tie fighter, awesome, could also get it to run on an old 386
  8. In terms of old games, The Doom series and all things Mario were what I loved.
  9. Old PC games, pre-care bear era where you actually had a ton to win and lose. Running overclocked p466 with cable internet made you a God. FPS games like Counterstrike and Half Life, Duke Nukem and Unreal Tournament.
    Then came the mmorpgs like Ultima Online and Asherons Call. All out kill fests, all night. Shouting in Ventrilo and Teamspeak like an idiot.
    Good times. Now it's just eye candy and the big lvling treadmill.

  10. The PC game "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego"
  11. Arggh yes love island or something old pc game. Was about dating school girls and if you were successful they would get there perl out and squirt on you. It's what made me the sex offender I am today
  12. Halo 2!!! I played it since I was in 1st grade
  13. Civilization 4 was a great game due to the mods they had. Rise of Erebus was one of the best mods ever. It was fun playing all those different races with their own units and tech trees. I hope civilization 6 will bring that back
  14. This guy

  15. Our son is hooked on Civ 5 lol
  16. I usually will play a game until the point I won't ever want to play it again, but I do like games that change each time you play them or where the story can play out differently.

    So in value of replaying a game the only ones I like to replay are Pokemon since that is what my childhood consisted of. Plus you can always pick different Pokemon which in return can change how easy/hard parts of the game are.
  17. I did play spyro and recently cracked out the PS1 just to play it again. Both gateway to glimmer and enter the dragonfly were both outstanding games!
  18. Runescape. Spent many 15 hour days on the computer during the summers playing that.
  19. Jet set radio for dreamcast