Game is dead

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  1. Peanutbutterwithjellytime is my main I'm trying to get him back. Lmao
  2. It's been this while for a long time op. Nothing new.
  3. RIP
  4. To be fair people have called threads forums since 2009
  5. Lol noob doesn't remember their original account info.
  6. I do boii I just ****** up and forgot you couldn't have two accounts on one device, I was more than a little drunk tbh so my bad
  7. As someone remembers!

  8. I remember you , and not past 50mcs, at that point 300mcs players can hit you
  10. Cool story bro -_-

  12. You know you can unlink an account from a device, then just log in with your old one.
  13. Y u ask
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  14. U wot m8 I’d consider myself a bloody legend but not as much as you 🌝
  15. What happened to you Xtreme?
  16. I quit and played the game of life for the past 5 years or so... but we back?
  17. We back👀
  18. I’m also present. Thank you, have a nice day.
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