Game is dead

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  1. You can't farm people anymore game is really dead. B-b-back in my day that literally was the whole game.
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  2. You can farm whoever you want, for example im going to farm you

    UPDATE: Op is stateless Alt , i can't farm
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  3. My main is itspeanutbutterjellytime or something. I haven't played in two years. Question, is turtle still viable?
  4. There's certainly thousands of players who seem to enjoy this game now though?
  5. On the contrary, I see this game as very much alive.
  6. The fact you're playing the game and came back and are active making forums and hitting ebs shows it's obviously not that dead...
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  7. By dead, I think he means that it's lost it's purpose, as the game is meant to be a war game, where you battle other players, not an eb game, where you battle make-believe enemies. I can see why people complain, especially with the non-stop events (that I don't really participate much these days) and everything else that could make this game oversaturated. As a veteran, I don't really recognise this as Kaw anymore, but I see why people may still like to play it. No disrespect.
  8. Why are forum newbies calling threads forums?
  9. People still writing "back in my day" when they played in 2010, huh. This guy even brags about it in his username. Maybe the game will die a little less if people stop thinking they're better than others because they've played the game longer.

    Sidenote - I'm not a salty noob. I too played in 2010, but I've never bragged about that. You can have played in 2010 and be an awful kaw player (I was the perfect example of this )
  10. Random statless alt says in kawrums the game is dead, must be dead then Kappa
  11. I legit remember you posting and ****. Meh I was young and awful at life at that time so yea I was a crappy player. But I just lost passion when the events started to roll out.
    The gap between players who pay and players who don't just became too much at that point otherwise idve gotten into osw
  12. Nice quest achievement, don't you know you get xtals for finishing them? ?
  13. Like boi can you name the exact number of pages kawtown had? Or how old XTREME is?
  14. Nobody cares about how many pages kawtown had, and xtreme? Why does his age actually matter? He was young when he first started playing that's all thats people care about right? Its been years since he's been active, as his friend it pains me to say it but he's no longer relevant (not that either of us really were anyways)
  15. Man legends never stop being relevant. I was his age when I started maybe a year older
  16. This game is very much alive.
  17. We get it, you played in 2010.

    Ur a big deal
  18. I love your alt
  19. Xtreme wasn't a legend lol he was a good part of the community for a while but legend is a stretch, this is coming from one of his first friends on kaw