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  1. I made this thinking that the devs would read it and maybe use some of their fans ideas, some may be rubbish, some may be amazing but either way the game would be better if we got to help make it so post all your ideas in hope that the devs will use them

    (I bet they won't)
  2. And now a word from The orangutang about your thread..


  3. Well atleast I'm doing it to let other players get to share there ideas and it might help make the game better
  4. All these people who are posting them video saying stuff like rubbish are just sad.I bet they go on every thread and post them
  5. I think the game would be better if they made it the same except with a space theme. We could hire mercenaries instead of allies, or something like that.

    I bet that would be super.
  6. That's a great idea u support it
  7. I think it could be called future combat. That's a name I like for a space game
  8. That's a good name what about space raiders :D
  9. You -> *
    The point ->


    Good job.
  10. Come on guys post your ideas

  11. That will never work
  12. there is already a thread about this already here here
  13. This is just a small one for people who wanna talk about ideas and also we can help them finish there idea off so plz dont try get everyone away this is for talking and making fun ideas
  14. I agree. Kezzer is really spoiling a great thread and a good read.
  15. Ty SkinnyMinny
  16. Best thread I've read.

    Kezzer, stop trolling.


    Sticky this guide.
  17. Make a KaW 2
  18. Ty 10/100 for you
  19. Ops how about removing your last line.

    Its old n stale n tbh childish.

    I bet u won't.

    U want an idea here i go again.
    More War tourneys.