game glitches

Discussion in 'Activities' started by -shi_wa-kibo_, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. logged on today to find that I am now minus all myth aqua inferno crystals and all lands are gone wondering if anyone else on a pc account are now suffering the same problem since ata no longer care about pc accounts no event rewards etc
  2. not only do ATA not care, neither do we
  3. Yeah I had the problem but devs don’t care
  4. what you can do is delete kaw from adobe (its on a site i forget it) and relog kaw adobe will prompt to allow it for kaw
  5. its the connected history you want, i ha it to and devs.gave me the.adress
  6. Oh boy, how does one delete KaW from Adobe.

    I must know because I am incredibly curious.
  7. I'm an assassin
  8. Easy fix, clear browsing cache on PC browser, will fix it.
  9. **** you
  10. Even on iPad or phone kaw is having Logan in issues. Taking to long to open app!!
  11. Ata support told me to update my phones os. Funny only new Android phones getting os updates. Looks like kaw not supporting older os versions. LMAO what a waste of time and money.