Game’s still alive

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  1. The forums rn looks hella bad ngl
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  2. I mean, this is a low-effort thread though, but the forums are a bit slow, and the remodel is usable, but has a bit of a learning curve, true.
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  3. ...usable but its a bit tedious if you're a casual forummer which I'm thinking is discouraging people from reading and posting. There are some good new features to it but its not the format that's killed forums, it was the nitpicking and preferential over modding a couple years back. Like this thread couple years ago would've been locked almost instantly. It does look like mods have eased up a bit so hopefully we can breath some life back into it 👍
  4. Nice to see is still here. I haven't played much since 2011-2014 but I do like to come back every now and again for a look.