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  1. lol i got no clan, unless you want let me in? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. Wow.....i feel sorry for op....this thread is embarrassing
  3. go back hitting your hte fairy
  4. The day i take offence from someone hiding behind a statless alt is the day mcgregor beats mayweather in a boxing match :)

    Keep hiding behind that alt
  5. OP is not an EW perm and his opinions do not reflect those of anyone on Council or an actual member of EW.
  6. Wait... This game has devolved to the point where doing tiny ebs during war is an insult? I would remind everyone that only a few years ago there was no ebs. War was war. I think i would be more insulted by the fact that i completed hte during osw than failed reck. Just saying
  7. yes as said and i said before i not in EW member or any other clans.
  8. And you not even EW, went pure spy and run after osw start, why dont you get back you clan and fight
  9. Really? Any osw clan doing high tier ebs is a disgrace, not the other way around
  10. I was in an HTE clan before this "OSW" started and I'll be in one when/if this "OSW" ends. No one dictates how I play except me ️
  11. So.....get stripped 500t and inc and never do anything about it except banner changes?Bold strategy
  12. 8 months. Never pinned once. Never kept pinned. Days without incoming. Spies full all the time. Fury constantly asking us to CF.

    Yawn. I hope it lasts forever.
  13. Now I appreciate this has nothing to do with me but ffs just a little honesty wouldn't b a bad thing. Let me get this right, you are saying you've been in an osw w Fury for 8 months and you've never been pinned???? Ummm ok
  14. It's true. Unless you count scouting down the regen of my spies after an eb ends.

    That's why it's called "OSW"
  15. I did drop 500t allies but thought sexy upgrades would be better then letting fury have the gold. 
  16. "Osw"
  17. The funny thing is .... Elvis and Blazey have dropped far more in allies than they've stripped 
  18. Even more funny you only hit eb,go ps very often,and never renturn inc
  19. Chubby - just because I ignore you ....doesn't mean I'm not hitting ️
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Not open for further replies.