furniture stats

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  1. Doubt many of you know this. They are exactly the same as charms only difference is they are static.

    A pet costs 300m to 1b gives you back 64m. Where's the logic in that? Unless you're above the charm cap would never bother upgrading.

  2. Go away wiz
  3. I love my bird and will slowly upgrade him to give him the best possible life
  4. Doubt op knew this he’s got almost 12b in furniture stats.

    Congrats for realizing that furniture stats suck 18 months after release
  5. like a tamigotchi?
  6. What is better furniture or charms?
  7. They're the same :roll:
  8. Depends. You can have a much larger bonus from charms but that depends on size. Furniture is far more expensive but the stats aren't capped by your size.
  9. Wait Winston said the stats are what you see. I have 249m. You seem to be relating the cost in charms to furniture. All you furniture/charm traders have set those prices way before the nerf.....funny thing. Charms aren’t worth crap now and furniture prices haven’t dropped.

    Explain that
  10. Charms and furniture are the exact same bonus. It's not complicated. A maxed out furniture set gives you a 12b bonus. You'll struggle to find a maxed out throne for 12b in charms.
  11. Domo look at your building stats not ally bonus stats.
  12. It's just a game. Play as entertainment. if ya dedicate so much to a game making it more then entertainment; obviously your filling a void
  13. Last time I checked there was a forum talking about how charms were 2% value and furni is 100%(what you see is what you get). Could be wrong, but Winston had confirmed whatever was in that post when I read it.