furniture selling/trade costs

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  1. Topic Q's: Why are furniture/furnishings overpriced when selling/trading?

    They give the same stats as charms, and you can also obtain them from chests or buying them for nobs.

    I can understand that the drops are rare and that buying them is expensive, but I really feel like these prices are ripping people off.

    You're losing your permanent bonuses in bfe for a horse or a chair that's not even half the cs you're trading off

    I want to know what the forum community feels about this, and if I'm wrong to thoroughly explain why I'm wrong!
  2. This used to be a war game ๎’
  3. Please get off the thread you're off topic

    Wanna talk about how the game is not a war game? There are countless other threads about it go look for one
  4. They just may want them for collection bonuses if youโ€™re talking about the ads you see on world chat, some of the furniture can also be upgraded.
  5. I've advised friends to trade their furnishings for charms.

    A 64mill CS or 1.28m cs actual stats level one horse sells for 450m-1B in charms. Which is madness. I see players buying horses for almost a Bill in charms and what for? They're only losing BFE in the process and even if they do max the horse, it's not worth the BFE lost in acquiring all the horses. You'd need what 50 horses and it's materials to max a single horse?

    So it boils down to this, do you want to display pretty furnishings or stats?

    From a stat PoV; always trade furniture out for charms. You'll get way more cs from charms in return. The amount of effort and resources it'll take max out a furniture defeats the purpose of stacking up on BFE.

    Personally I traded 10m/10m/10m/10m furnishings from the last event for about 450m in charms. I will be doing the same for this event's furnishings too as I only care about stats, I don't see myself holding on to furniture at the current market price disparity.

    I think quite a few players don't realise that Charms/Furnishings work the same way as BFA, where you only get 2% of the stats to your actual stats. Hence why players are paying absurd amounts for furnishings at the loss of their BFE from charms.
  6. I agree with this
  7. Thanks for explaining this I was going for a nice house set up but, they prices people ask are ridiculous
  8. Indeed. Most of the people who sell the furnishing claim that the stats are added like your cs, so they say that a 64m horse is actually worth 64*50 = 3200m or 3.2b cs in terms of charms. Some of these traders may not know any better, but most know very well what they're doing and are indeed just ripping people off to get a better deal out of it.
  9. Completely agree with this. Stop giving away your charms for crap that looks cool.
  10. Alright, everyone who agrees with this should give me their pets for double their cs. No matter what you try to tell someon, they will always prefer a lvl 10 black crown over a lvl 10 plague cow and so because of their demand their prices go up. The price of furniture is all based on demand. If no one cared for looks or rarity then they would be worth the same as charms. Same goes for rare charms.