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  1. Hi Lirael,

    Your help team are not listening to me, and have now suggested that they will auto close tickets and ignore me.

    Direct from your own post on this subject -

    When players hit the 11th level of furnishing in a specific slot for the first time, they'll get an achievement which gives stats equal to the level 10 version of that furnishing.

    Like I keep repeatedly advising to the help team a Level 10 asw throne has stats of 1,204,000,000 and not 602,000,000.

    Please can you explain to me why my achievement will not be corrected to the correct stats?

    It says it right there “they'll get an achievement which gives stats equal to the level 10 version of that furnishing.”

    What am I misunderstanding?

    With Asw upcoming I think it is only reasonable for this to be addressed so people are clear on your intentions towards any future asw rewards.
  2. Does the percent bonus from furniture work on towers? I thought yes before today. Now I think either:
    A) furn bonus is not working on towers, or
    B) furn bonus is impacted by charm cap maybe? My spy def charm cap is low.

    can devs clarify if furn percent is intended to work on towers and is it impacted by charm cap?
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  3. Doesnt furn % just apply to your furn stats..?
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  4. no, it applies to your build stats and goes down with troop percent.
  5. I just equipped 13% furn bonus and see no difference.
  6. I still don’t care. I will only ever equip stuff I like to create my own style. Why are you Turing KaW into ikea anyway?
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  8. Support
    All this garbage we worked out ass off to collect, and it's all but worthless..