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  1. You going to keep crying about alt and charm farms?
  2. Dunno about anyone else but I’ll keep complaining about them. The furniture buff and cluster trading are just a new and bigger exploit of the original charm farming issue.

    There are some who run dozens of alts. Up to 80 alts by some accounts. No player can run dozens of alts in such a manner without cheating tou. One can only do so by running bots on so many alts. Which is done. And it’s very easy to bot and “avoid detection by devs”. In a manner known to all but I won’t state so here as my last post was removed for pointing out the obvious there.

    This game is mostly worthless to all but a few. I stopped spending on kaw after the charm exploits were rolled out. After the devs mitigated that exploit, it was never nerfed actually, I decided to spend a little again in hopes that devs had learned from their mistake. Alas, it was not so. They have doubled down on their stupidity instead. The devs should now actually just lift the charm cap. What’s the point of it now?
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  3. Hey, how'd the boycott retirement go?

    Also yes, refer to Sinan's post for why. It's in there as to why.
  4. It’s okay don’t need to read his post to find your tears
    Every time I see you in forum or wc your crying about something “ unfair”
  5. No problem. Looking forward to the next nerf and pout session.

  6. I’m sure I’ll see you crying something in a war game is unfair in no time.
  7. I mean you were already at it in Summer Wars thread so I'll play catch up maybe?
  8. We can talk in NF if you like?
  9. So brave. :roll:
  10. @dev just to clarify is the % buff a % of your furniture stats solely? in which case it's largely pointless for any non charms farmers OR is it a % of your base build stats ? in which case it's obscene for the charms farming furniture traders.

    Please clarify thanks

  11. Bump
  12. This. Needs. Clarification.
  13. I believe devs did respond to my ticket and i tried explaining to most players before. But heyy im a noob right.
  14. Please can someone properly answer my feedback regarding asw throne upgrade.

    Achievement for upgrading an asw throne from L10 to L11 should be double that raw stats of a standard throne, not the same.

    4 x 1,204,000,000


    4 x 602,000,000

    The slight % increase of 4 x 1% is quite clearly a joke and also needs to be addressed.
  15. Hi Wease, thanks for your feedback. I'll be going over comments like yours to Winston's previous feature updates with the team. Please know we are in the process of reviewing this along with other gameplay features but cannot discuss implementation dates until they are ready for release. Thanks for understanding!
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  16. Support beyond lvl 10 takes a lot of furniture and upgrade materials, we want to know what we ate getting for that effort / investment.

    Also would it be possible to introduce trading trader tokens for the upgrade materials ? Like we can already for aqua / inferno.
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  17. I agree with this..not getting enough in furniture to dismantle for red/blue/yellow mats. I have tons of the special to ug but even to trade for it no one really wants to trade it out. I'd really like to see about buying those with tokens. You could do like buying mith or inferno..so many a day for however much it costs in tokens.
  18. Who the **** can honestly afford to get them to level 20 ? Lmao