Furnishing Buff

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  1. The whiners here are rediculous, most of you are likely adults and you complain more than any child. This is a game that you opt to play and even spend your own money on. If you have constructive criticism send via appropriate channels, otherwise just keep the negativity to yourself or dele3the game and move on with your miserable life.

    Tldr; your life sucks, get over it no one cares
  2. Well that hit disturbingly close to home. Ouch
  3. No it will obviously encourage alt farms for furniture. Gee I wonder why your lips are so chapped and devs hinies are so glossy? 
  4. I spit and shine on their heinie for for more drop seals on my boxes
  5. What your hundreds of free boxes that you somehow manage to aquire?
  6. Such a terrible change. Lireal comes out with all the bad news and updates. We want Winston. Lireal is the Mei of devs
  7. I wish i had nice furnishings 
  8. Cheaters and big spenders? That’s a very ignorant assumption.. there are people who spend moderately and don’t cheat, just extremely active, go cry “ unfair” elsewhere..
  9. People complain about alts... they are not against the rules to have.. if people want to have multiple accounts and spend their time that way, it’s not cheating. You can make alts too, if you choose not to then don’t complain about those who do.
  10. When people stop buying this “crap” the devs will have to come out with more crap to buy... its a business
  11. STILL NO ANSWER ON ASW not BEINGupgradeable PAST LEVEL 10 when other thrones are?
  13. Lvs 11-20 will be added.
  15. 11-20 will be added ? Will this stuck with the 2x offset in stats if same as all other thrones then asw throne loses its Benifit once upgraded?
  16. Personally I hope it has a benefit but not 2x when it's % based that'll get insane super quick
  17. Can we not do this?

    Most players who arent running massive alt charm farming trade syndicates or furniture farms dont have lvl 10 stuff.

    STOP rewarding players who do.

    EDIT; Here's a better idea that will make most people happy.

    Make Kingdoms of Heckfire throne able to be dismantled. Not tradeable, just able to be dismantled. So that we can actually dismantle them and upgrade the thrones we want.
  18. It won't be 2x as strong, but the % will be slightly higher than the regular thrones.
  19. Ty for response 
  20. That's cool, you gonna rage again when this update gets nerfed?