Furnishing Buff

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  1. You shut your damn mouth! We don’t need your kind of logic here

  2. Agreed
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  3. Fast forward 1 year (not really coz game is on its last legs) until designers realise they repeated their last balls up from charm issue. Wonder where the best place to buy furniture outside of kaw will be  3rd party shock horror. The end.
  4. This has been said since at least 2009
  5. Deja-vu all over again! This furniture buff gives same incentives as charms to start furniture mining operation.
    Hordes of alts will be used to accumulate furniture ready to trade on black market!
    You devs should play your own game. This exploit was obvious to everyone the moment announcement was posted, but game designers couldn't see it throughout development process. Just shake my head in disbelief- you soiled your pants again dev team.
    Big time!
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  6. Good grief. This is just the charms debacle all over again. More incentive to exploit furniture just like the charm farms.

    Seriously, the only legitimate reason to roll this garbage out would be to help identify the exploiters. Because here is the next great exploit. Get your charm farming alts fired up for stupid furniture.

    The charm fix wasn’t great but it at least helped to somewhat diminish the exploit advantages a bit. Now this crap though. Because “holding allies is risky” lol.

    I give up on stupid apes. I guess they are stuck milking old cash cow players with alt armies because they can’t grow the player base with new players.

    It’s a failed game and this is one of the last nails in the Apes’ coffin for kaw.
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  7. Sadly this game has 1-2 years at least left in it. Has too much of a dedicated player base at this point. Too bad devs are really dumb in making these % way way too high. They should not be 20% but rather 2% lol. Why is it better then the abyssal blade. Even if the % bonus is dynamic gives way too much bonus stats. Nerf the % by 10x and we are good. Thx
  8. Should just give a 5x buff too current furnishings per level up too 10, making furnishings more valuable and less likely too be traded
  9. Rest In Peace Kingdoms at War.
  10. Just in time to ruin summer tournament gj
  11. Is furnishing buff factored in KA War or Indi or both?
  13. No one:

    Devs: lets add a lvl 11-20 when only a handful pf players have maxed funishing

    Oof devs..
  14. Like sure , ya kay add lvl11-20 side thrones or carpet etc but pets/thromes etc? ... lmao only a handful of people even have maxed pets as is  silly apes strike again
  15. Need to make furnishings easier to get.
  16. Exactly how it happened
  17. Furniture buff does not work. It actually brings ur overall furniture stats down with each upgrade.
  18. Awful idea, devs have no clue what the community needs
  19. wrong this will increase spending by big spenders. They will open more boxes to get furnitures.
  20. Dumb. The only people with maxed furnishings are cheaters and big spenders. Just another money maker release no one wanted.

    What happens when people finally stop buying this crap?