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  1. Forum ban pending due to plagiarism as clearly Winston wrote it
  2. Pretty awful idea tbh who thought giving huge percent bonus was ever smart?
  3. Should have done this when furnitire cloning was discovered, and then set everybody up to lvl10.
  4. So trade one piece of level 11 equipment around friends so everyone unlocks achievement?
  5. It is my understanding that you get the achievement by the act of upgrading to lv11, rather than by owning the lv11 furn.
  6. So you propose the problem that many players want visually appealing furniture so they aren’t obtained high level furniture, yet you don’t address this problem in your post? Why even mention it if you’re not going to attempt to solve it?

    Maybe have a feature that lets you upgrade the furniture slot itself, that way no matter which individual piece of furniture you have equipped, you are still getting the bonus. You release new furniture with every event so it’s natural that people want to use the new furniture, yet they will never achieve a max level piece. The higher levels of furniture feel like just a better way to increase the gap from the already massively strong players and the players who can’t afford to farm.
  7. Ok winston/ariel, so the ASW throne has 2x stats, are we to assume that at lvl 20 it will have the same 2x %?

    Also, 344 items to lvl 20? For even an above average player that's 5 or 6 years. I play way too much (6-10 unloads a day), open royals from time to time and since furniture release I've only dropped 2 thrones and never a pet. I dont charm farm and drop seals weekly. At the going rate of furniture unless your cheating or charm farming your numbers even for P2P are insane. Will be interesting to see what your new plan is for increasing ways to get furniture.
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  8. Not sure if anyone else has noticed but you guys mixed up left room top left and left room center dismantles I n this you have to dismantle left room center pieces to up grade left room top left and vice verse
  9. Another instance of the bigs getting bigger and the mids and smalls getting no chance unless they spend. I used to spend alot and now I spend less and less because there is little opportunity for me being competitive much less becoming bc. On a side note, because devs are promoting pure pay to win for their own profits, after better than six years of playing this, my favorite game, I have found a new interest and so I farm!
  10. Super glad I gave hundreds of pieces away to noobs and returning players.
  11. I was hoping nobody would notice that ... :p

    Yes, you only get it for upgrading.

    Thanks, we will investigate.
  12. Also are thrones upgrades past level 10 I have asw throne and it’s maxed at 10 can’t upgrade?
  13. Yay another way for people who buy on the black market to get even stronger xd
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  14. oof, furniture inflation was already bad enough... a few weeks before anything gets released to provide a higher supply will be a heavy cost increase as current supplies dwindle down over that time, you should of planned ahead better and released a tonne beforehand to deinflate the market and therefore keep any reasonable counter inflation strategy plausible...fail! face first into the floor style! lol

  16. Thank you.
  17. Interesting idea, but as usual, the implementation doesn’t make any sense to me.

    For a while, the game severely suffered due to uncapped charms. This is due to the fact that players could simply unload money through the so called “black market” and stack themselves with charms without gaining them in game.

    Eventually, this was realized/“solved”(not much of a solve then players can have absolutely unreachable charm caps considering ridiculous 4x BFA threshold) but now we have another exploit to think about - the purchasing of furniture.

    Devs, why would you open yourselves and the game up to this again? Players can, and will, unload money onto the black market, and max furniture without spending any work in the game. These are the same players that unload money into the black market to stack themselves with charms far beyond the reach of possibility with respect to playing the game fairly. These players will now simply have another avenue to exploit. Furnishings could have used a buff sure, but keep in mind - this is not a simple buff - players will buy out furniture, Max themselves, and reach heights that will make them untouchable again... and this time, that bonus can not be stripped away.

    Congrats devs for another well thought out update
  18. Devs side hassles
  19. I like when they fix something that is not broken  - pls keep the CAP for Wars
  20. Instead of coming out with something new why not fix all the glitches first?
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