Full unload item/feature (eb only)

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by ItzShade, Dec 4, 2020.

  1. Tl;dr: add an item or feature to do a full unload as the cost of lost damage and plunder for using the feature.

    I’m sure many people like myself suffer from
    Long periods of suffering called “work”

    I get very few breaks and never have enough time to do a full unload unless I’m on my lunch break or are not working, without being after to do a full unload, it make it’s difficult to motivate myself to play which has caused myself to stop playing at some point.

    I feel adding such an item or feature would be beneficial but requires some fine tuning so it doesn’t encourage people to use it all the time. You could perhaps do such by limiting its use per day or by reducing the damage done to ebs and reducing the plunder you gain rather then normal “tappy Tappy” unloads this promote players who spend all day on here not to use it as they would gain more plunder by playing normally and helps players who may disconnect from the game stay connected and continue helping their community and playing the game.
  2. As already posted! Lazy lazy lazy, the consequences of not tapping is not growing so don't tap don't grow! Now you want a unload all button! Why not just ask for BC and have done with it ! Lazy , zero support
  3. I support your no support 🎩
  4. A good phone and connection is a 2min unload. If you don’t have 2mins then whatever you’re doing is more important than KaW and you should focus on that instead.
  5. I have seen this proposed elsewhere as a way to provide a more ergonomic interface. On those grounds, and as someone who doesn't want to tap the same button 20 times in a row, I support.
  6. I believe that those who would like a full unload button have other motives! Maybe to many alts making a full unload button a very very useful tool ! 20 alts 20 unloads is tedious work! However one press for full unload is a much better proposition! Just saying !
  7. Ooh, that is an excellent point!