fruit cake

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  1. Learn how to quote dude ;3
  2. I don't think you can cook pie.
  3. Idk. My dad doesn't let me in the kitchen. Neither would Word. No one should.
  4. It's against the fire code to allow her to cook
  5. Yeah it's best if men keep control in the kitchen.. I don't blame him :)
  6. 1/2 of my siblings have accidentally created a fire emergency. I have not. Unfair.

  7. Waiting for lock and forum ban this guys already wore out his welcome
  8. #FreeTheCake
  9. TBH pumpkin pie isn't really that good ok but sweet potato pie much better. Apple pie is king of pies ..A la mode either Vanilla or Cinnamon ice cream. Pecan pie is a close 2nd.

    There's other pie but I guess I shldnt mention it (don't feel like getting silenced), but ya know what I'm talking about ...da kind of pie Word never gets any of 
  10. *lurks silently*
  11. Blueberry. Is it blueberry?
  12. lol why did u delete that post?

    ...anyways you need to go hit some bars I guess 
  13. I misread. Lol. I get plenty of pie, hence why I changed it.
  14. ...yeah blueberry pie is pretty damn good but Ild put that 3rd ...maybe 2nd 

  15. 

     ...sure ya do lol 
    TRUMP 2016
  16. More pie than some of my boyfriends have had ️
  17. quiche considered some kind of pie?

  18. I'll have you know that I have had literally hundreds of pies in my lifetime.

    Usually didn't even have to pay for it.

    Free pie

    Free the cake.
  19. Um. I wouldn't think
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.