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Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by jord, Oct 10, 2016.

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  1. All we eat is fruit cake mother freaking fruit cake we turn up at the club with fruit cake get back to the crib eat fruit cake yum yum yum all them bad girls like fruit cake cause its all about the mother freaking fruit cake yeah boyz no offense this is purely about cakes no other meanings sorry if you are offended but maybe its time you where
  2. Just wanted to say something before this is locked so
  3. It's official jord you lost the plot x
  4. I could go for some fruit cake.
  5. "Fruit cake" is offensive to me. It doesn't deserve to be called "cake". Fruit cake is an insult to cake. I like cake.
  6. Should we call it fruit pie? But then is it apple? Cherry? Banana! No.. pumpkin. Cause Halloween.
  7. ...better watch out OP you're offending Word


  8. Shut up
  9. Ur epic
  10. Halloween fruit cake ️
  11. Now I want some pumpkin pie.

    I also like pie.

    Dont judge me.
  12. I'll buy you some next time. 

  13. Is that your Halloween costume? ;)
  14. I could go for some pie.
  15. Nooo. That's not allowed on forums 
  16. Sounds fun, has it been Rio approved? I'm sure I'd remember it...
  17. Not yet but I wouldn't mind a trip to Rio.. for fruit cake and pumpkin pie, obv.
  18. I've never had pumpkin pie tbh, I might have to bake one..

    Do you bake one?

    Or do you cook one?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.