From Laoda to Umbrella Corporation and allies

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  1. Laoda we are here to stay and fight the good fight Full Support

    Lead Admin ZAFT Faith
  2. more as support


    take ur change .... nd take Laodas offerte

     Start: Kick Ass Viking Run 

  3. **** just got real if Loada posted in forums.. :shock:
  4. Good luck both sides 0_0. But go ZAFT lmao woot
  5. Support!!!

    ՀᎯƒτ Ƒ∆Ꭵ₮Ҥ
  6. Support
  7. @phil seriously bro? Zaft doesn't need you on there thread, I swear to god you just can not help yourself. You never bring anything to the table or to fourms. Your noobfishness (yeah I made it up) is so overwhelming sometimes. No constantly... As to the thread itself: interesting to see Zaft teaming up with someone besides Zaft. Will be fun to watch from the sideline this time, I know I personally am in no hurry to be in war against them any time soon. Good luck to all clans/partys involved.
  8. Good luck both sides. 
  9. good luck to both sides
  10. Lol kaw politics gotta love it "stop the nerd on nerd violence" can't we all just get along
  11. Peace to all mankind...but isn't zaft in osw too often to always be the innocent party?
  12. @celts I don't know what you're on about but this is a war game.
  13. Omg did you guys put him all the way in your mouth or just lip service? Zaft groupie fan page here lmfao
  14. It won't need to clean its arse for some time with all these willing servants.

    Support the servants!

    Minimum wage for all!
  15. Laoda needs to spoon with his fanboys... Yep. Really cleared that one up.
  16. Alchemist....what's a clan less noob posting on forums