From Laoda to Umbrella Corporation and allies

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  1. There's only 13 ZAFT clans and how many umbrella corp clans? 30 or 40 clans and still growing? Now who's trying to own KAW? :lol: If there's only 3 or 4 umbrella corp clans. perhaps you will be talking differently. Besides umbrella been asking around for various clans to join war :eek: So epic. Why don't dare to use 13 clans vs 13 clans :lol:

    @ Resilience war banter talkers
    And umbrella been claiming that ZAFT overpower EE. As you know, there's so many LBers in ZAFT, you do expect a queue of big guns, however, there's bfa matching, how to overpower? There gonna be no match found isn't it? :shock: Look at -RCA- and Clan A war histories, there's lots of LBers stacked too, perhaps you just can't get bigger LBers on UC and feel jealous.

    Next is ZAFT control allies issues, seems like most of the LB players' allies ain't for sale and many of the non ZAFT / LB players have the same banners e.g retired Resilient socket? Over a year of "osw", farm if hires? And many of those I belong to xxx, pls don't hire or Hire me, I will reset on you :mrgreen:

    Lastly, ZAFT control osw? Look, who's the one that went into osw over 3 hits on a ex LB player? 3 hits isn't farming ok. Butt hurt is the correct word. And from what I heard, there's a couple of clans hitting on zaft destiny which leads to the other zaft clans went into war. Oh, it was a one man fight from laoda @ solace, but it was a few clans war from UC after destiny started firing after a huge strip on their admin? :lol: Classy!

    Need cream :D
  2.  noob sure got a tough time on zaft. did they make u naked n running ard? lolzzzz grow up dude. 30-40-50 RC is like nothing to Zaft i guess. Juz like lotr eb clan. 
  3. Start using Rain Coat than Umbrella. 
  4. Therefore calling help on various war veterans clans to aid their war despite the rest may need to grow.
  5. Support Boss

  6. ONE for All, All for ONE!!


    Zaft Rebels
  7. Support boss

    What the heck. I mean down with zaft
  8. Support

    ˻͝˻͝ʹ͜ ˓͜⌯⃕˓⋟ᏃΔFT ƇrᎪcKdOwN⋞˒͜⌯⃔ʹ͜˻͝˻͝
  9. Support and Respect to the Boss
  10. Support to chik-fil-aoda  CF got me please. Double order
  11. Support to the Boss LD, and support to all the Zaft families and respect to our alliance

     ZAFT CARNAGE
  12. So if player A starts farming Res, and Res farms back, ZAFT will back you up? Good plan, Laoda. Good plan
  13. 0ne look so idiot proof because his a fake one. real already sold his account. left his brother to this game. Metal problem i guess?
  14. Don't make it rain..

    Make it hail!! Throw change at them 
  15. Wow like usual ZAFT bringing down the hammer on enemy's
  16. Full support from the "silent one".
    Like a Boss 


    Zaft Carnage
  17. Respect to both clan but seriously it is that big of a deal that loada made a thread? It seems to me that zaft wants to post forums and this is their only chance leader should let their members speak on threads not only made by loada. Just how I see it. I will keep reading 
  18. Support WFTT


    Not backing down 