From Laoda to Umbrella Corporation and allies

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  1. SUPPORT BABY .... The BOSS has spoken

  2. Hey hey, First RC trooper talking... I mean UC... raincoat is alway vetter umbrella. 

  3. I support ZAFT in this war
    I'd also like to commend Apocalypse in the last war, for kicking more ass than UC is we saw a lot more runners from Zaft in last osw than this- but that means ZAFT is a stronger unit since then.

    Support to ZAFT,
    Bravo Apoc
    Good Luck UC
  5. Support all the way

  6. LMFAO
    "Support 10%"
  7. Support

    ZAFT Uk
  8. Ya I think we get the idea that all Zaft support
  10. Well said Laoda.
    Interesting war, both sides have high funds.

    Thank god War is still in KAW nowadays.
  11. Words lie, actions do not.

    Full support.
  12. Like MK, last war I wanted Zaft to fall. During this war though, I feel the exact opposite. Maybe it's that all the UC people on Phil's thread are repetitive to me. I don't really know why I'm saying this but support to zaft.
  13. Well said boss man. Now time for me to get back to business.

    ՀᎯʃτ ☠ ¢ΓΔ¢κ▷○ωη
  14. So many lulz on this thread. First noone needed the zaft boss to clarify anything, we have stated the facts from day one. But it does amuse me that when he posts all of zaft posts right behind him lol. Keep up the good work big bossman. You tell those dirty UC just how it is!! (a month late).
  15. I agree completely with Sire.
  16. A month? Chill brah. It's been like 2 weeks.
  17. Ahha Laoda comes out like a boss
  18. Well said boss

    Don't go to the forest if
    you don't want to face the wolves