From Laoda to Umbrella Corporation and allies

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  1. ⊀ས།ᏀસŦร ๏ƒ ṭ̸સཇ 下།રཇ ☰ཀβᄂཇཀ ༺Á̸P☣Ć̸Ạ̸Ł༒ཾPṨ̸Ξ༻
  2. Hello Laoda,

    I will not leave lotr.. I have not left UC.. I do not request a cf..

    You may request a cf anytime.

    Blocking me has 0 impact.
  3. Hahaha Zaft sucks. Not LB players from zaft should leave because they don't benefit from zaft. For sure LB players would not help you if you get farm.
  4. I support UC in this and think the other big alliances should take up the fight against zaft,,I have personally started hitting them..alaskadrifter pays me 100m a hit down to 3/4 bar...this is more profitable than 2x ebs :)
  5. Go Umbrella Warriors
    You guys can weather the storm!
  6. wait. so one of their members had an SE tag for Second Echelon, and was farmed by Sparta Elite and went into OSW against Apocalypse alliance for that small account with their LB havin lots to lose and youre sayin they dont care about the smaller accounts?

    they faught tooth and n nail for a small account just because the guy was a clanmate. heck red laoda or cella couldve made an account that size in a day.
  7. guess that effectively Disproved the notion that ZAFT only take cares of their LB and the rest are meatshields.

    they took care of the small guy, and that's somethin you have to appreciate.
  8. @Kapwa_ko_Mahal_ko You have apparently never looked at the SS, Laoda didn't even know who that person was and didn't care even he said "We can deal with him later" or something like that.
  9. @zattoichi, maybe you should ask those we've stripped if their glorious leader transferred them gold. Oh, wait...he upgraded. Disregard And they can all thank Mr. Personality (aka laoda, the genius who speaks of himself in the third person) for any gold lost, as this is his doing. Anyone who believes his nonsensical rant here is a moron. Unfortunately, his minions will be the victims of his arrogance.
  10. Dear Laoda and Zaft:

    I am a proud member of the UC family, therefore there will b no CF request from me. For whatever reasons this war started, it is war. I just wish all the smack talk on forums will end. This war will bring all our families closer, so lets take advantage of it. To all the warriors out there, keep fighting a good fight :) I wish the best of luck to both sides, and may the best side win. To all my freinds, when the dust settles, we will meet up again :) HAPPY KAW'N c u all soon

  11. U still play? ;)
  12. Come get some UC! 
  13. Has anyone notices that most of this is bull ****.
    "I hit him, he hit them."
    "Nah uh we beating you."
    "No we tough."
    "We wreck you mate."
    "Why you do this you suck."
    "Because I be a tough broski."
    "We ll I do this at then of everything "" so I'm tougher lol.

    Half of it is fake, it's just to get attention. Half of each clan is doing well, the other half isn't. So on both sides there are players with something worth boasting about, but most that do are boasting about stripping an inactive or some player with no real contacts and so small that they can't defend. That what "glorious war" is about.
    No more bull ****. Post the absolute truth. No war such as this has been posted without at least 40% of it being lies. It is pathetic.

    By the way I don't support anyone... ZAFT need a lesson but the other side were bitchy so I'm neutral :)