From Laoda to Umbrella Corporation and allies

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  1. I had no allies coming into this war, haven't had an ally over 4 billion in months lol
  2. You can have mine wbf, i share :)
  3. In fact i have been about this same size for over a year now, i am far from "butthurt" i fought zaft in the apoc war, i knew what i was getting into when i got into this fight, i have a lot of respect for their organizational skills, but for 400 sheep to come into forums and lick the butt of some random person is silly as ****
  4. Finally. The facts! Thanks OP. This beats that crap philo puts out by a LOOOONG shot
  5. Thanks doom you're a gentleman and a scholar lol
  6. I don't think what Phil posts is pure filth, sure it has inaccuracies and what nots but it also provides a limited sense of the big events of the KAW world into perceptive. If both sides of the leaderships posts frequently then there will be no need for him..... Propaganda is part of war.... Good luck to both sides. Warring is fun :) sleep well
  7. It's funny how people say Zaft runs ebs take a look at ZE no ebs. Might wanna look at the clan Cas. There eb Faries 
  8. This thread was silly most of it was common sense. Anyone can leave a war on there own free will. But what I found intresting was the moment Laoda made a thread all of ZAFT built up the courage to post. All of the first few pages are nothing but ZAFT supporting a pointless thread. I didn't read it all just first 4 pages and last 3. Made me kinda sick. But I'm just speaking about this thread.
  9. Its not that we don't have courage its that we are encouraged to not post in forums.
  10. 

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  11. Also Phil is right on page 4. This does add nothing and it actually doesn't show everything for both sides shows hidden information. So I can say this thread was more of a insult to UC and Phil more than him being as respectful as it my have seemed to most. He also says clans are just going for the ride and tells them to post cf on his wall. Its actually the opposite of respect that this thread was made.
  12. after checking all Uc clan, UC loolike you all are hitting from eb pin...  Maybe We can call UC eb professional. hohoho... Slapping own Uc-mates face!!
  13. Well my post was cleared
  14. All eb fairies
  15. As with any war there are always casualties, well we just had another one. I have been doing a lot of talking with my good friend and well I couldn't calm him down.
    It was only a matter of time before an official cf request was made, please bare with me as this is my first. Clan B and the rest of UC I am formally requesting a cf on behalf of apherium. He is currently dead and can't post. Apherium is not sure what he has done to make you farm him so much, but I can assure you he is sorry about it. Please stop as he may already need to seek counseling for the beating he has received during this osw.
    Thank you for your understanding
  16. U have it since u want to delete me from other forums now read!!!!
  17. :shock: that's how I want to be when I get to Laoda level
  18. Support Laoda making a statement and NO SUPPORT for Phil  trying to correct or incite another comment from Laoda