From Laoda to Umbrella Corporation and allies

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Ray_, Jul 30, 2013.

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  2. Scroll to activate sheep following Laoda
  3. ******* hell! You lot are like some ******* nerd cult! "Oooh **** laoda just posted forums! Support boss! Let me lick your digital asshole!!" Ffs it's not the second coming! Laoda isnt the Dalai Lama! He's just some random guy.... Get a ******* grip!
  4. Oh mighty king of us nerds who nobs like crazy to be at the top, we worship you boss,we love you boss, please let us unworthies bask in your glory, we love you even though you've never spoken to any of us. Support boss
  5. Not only does Laoda posts the forum, but also appears to be a voice of reason; almost reluctantly forced to take this cause of action and granting mild conditions regardless of having every reason to rain terror.

    Does this unusual state of affair not clearly indicates that OP is starting to get concerned with ZAFT’s reputation? The reasons he should be are abundant: you can’t keep pushing people around KAW without generating massive animosity. In spite of all the fan mail here (hand me a bucket) it’s too transparent he went on a charming offensive. It’s not going to work! I know what you and Zaft are about and you can all kiss my ass!

    I am not scared of you and certainly not in any way charmed either!
  6. Unusual state of affair? I'm pretty sure he posted the same thing in the ZAFT/Apoc war. I'm not sure about wars previous to that though.
  7. Sorry abt the comments yesterday LAODA hehe hope ZAFT will go on and shine in kaw yah ....
  8. Sigh.....
    Another long drawn out OSW.

    And no chance to grow,
    so no EE wars, then when OSW over, can't EE war.
    Gold used for strips so can't upgrade to T6.

    It's a slow death. I know.
    And that's the strategy being used. And slowly even the mightiest empire crumbles into the earth.
  9. Well I say ZAFT has got to top by working for it. Props to ZAFT for the great things they have and are producing. As in moderators and great KaWers.

    My hat is tipped to you
  10. Soo...res0ne if this is the ZAFT "groupie" thread is Phil's thread UC's groupie thread??
  11. Yes now shut it
  12. ZAFT Corporation vs Umbrella Corporation.

  13. If ZAFT was half of what they say, then they would stop hitting EB from pin and fight back.
  14. Its Funny that all that are mad at zaft have no ally's or are barely max plunder. Well or will soon be [lol] " yes I'm starless alt not even involved in the war " Get over it !!
  15. Oh ****, this is gettin real. Respect to zaft for allowing playing a fair game, allowing peeps to leave without retaliation, and respect to umbrella corp for goin up against a massive and old, respected family like zaft. That takes balls.
  16. @wbf umm...are you mad about something?? You seem butthurt atm.
  17. I think he's sad he has no allies
  18. I think he's sad he has no allies