from A1 to killers united and it's members.

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  1. Support! Can ashes also make a post 

    ཀɵƝʂϮҽཞ ǤⱥƦⱥցع
  2. Like a boss
  3. Osw is becoming popular cuz its becomg embeded in ur heads! if thats hiw u spell it! SUKAS!
  4. Mini didn't learn? Lol figure :lol:
  5. Well good bye killers, woop MG!
  6. Support and buzzing on redbull... Lets go!!
  7. Ashes should make an MG vs killers united poster
  8. You can have my army of frogs once I get some 
  9. Go MG!!!

    Get 'em!
  10. Btw this is just MG vs KU we aren't involving any alliances or outside help unless it comes to that. This is just good old fashion ass kicking and having fun. Enjoy forums I know you all love some war.
  11. Enjoy guys cheers this is a war game not a friend maker site lol
  12. Be my friend, killers united! I'll hire your allies and send some friendly gentlemen of mine over for some beers! I believe they're called...'spies' ?
  13. So... where did this all happen? Seem to have missed out on the fun...
  14. It comes from the heavens of war!