from A1 to killers united and it's members.

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  1. As we all know the other day your member lllminionelll ran his mouth on kaw admins thread about the EE war update. I gave you all fair warning and chance to avoid this. Yet minione continued to run his lips like he had diarrhea of the mouth.

    Well here we are today farming mini when a few of my members receive hits from other members in your clan. Ok game on.

    1 any visitors feel free to leave your not who we want.

    2. Any members feel free to leave we won't chase you or bother you for leaving.

    3. Anybody who stays will be hit/ possibly stripped. I make no guarantees.

    So there you have it. Given chances to apologize for false accusations and you decide to run your mouth mini and get your clan involved. Well they are now involved and you brought this upon them yourself.

    A1 MG OG the one and only.
  2. Oh dang mini you screwed up. Also is anyone else noticing that there are a lot more osw lately? Or is it just me?
  3. There's defienetly more OSW lately 
  4. ☠ɵ₲ Ѧ།།ιⱥηƈɛ☠ ༺Ḿ̸̸ɵƝʂϮҽཞ ǤⱥƦⱥցع༻
  5. ༺Ḿ̸̸ɵƝʂϮҽཞ ǤⱥƦⱥցع༻
    Support 
    ༺Ḿ̸̸ɵƝʂϮҽཞ ǤⱥƦⱥցع༻
  6. It must be the summers heat, getting everyone all hot and bothered
  7. The devs must be sneaking something into the worlds water supply.
  8. Good luck killers united lol. U gonna need it
  9. Support
    ⻏L₳¢ҜH₳₦Ð☠ɵ₲ Ѧ།།ιⱥηƈɛ☠
  10. Everyone is on it like a car bonnet
  11. Good luck killers, you will be needing it lol.