Friends will be Friends

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  1. Doors are opened and players without a home are welcome to join.
    We are doing HTE and BR, no seals required.
    Later we will a mercenary clan, helping other Noobs.
    Clan will be lead by Mahoni.
    Come, enjoy, grow and help others.
  2. Merchants?.. What are you trading?
  3. *Mercenary
  4. Death trap. They are trading your soul.
  5. ❓❓
  6. Friends will be friends, right till the end.
  7. Good luck with new clan
  8. Till hte stops lolz
  9. Teja is still alive and kicking. Respect to my 2010 owner️
  10. Surely Eagle wouldn't lock a thread because it don't have pretty colours.
    As long as he got the message across, it should be OK.
  11. #inb4eaglelackofeffort
  12. My owner was in that clan and went anti social for 2 weeks 
  13. Actually I'll leave this thread open for a awhile so op can reunite with his friends.

    Welcome back teja.
  14. Teja your back 
  16. Teja is a legend and one of the nicest people on KAW , good luck with new clan
  17. :D Eagle
  18. So um........... Where's -_-Garfield-_-?

    Or is this account now under "new management"
  19. stop it! Eagle might delete this thread with no reason