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  1. Dropping an Ally

    The developers changed what happens when you drop an ally.

    You must now own an ally for a minimum of 15 days to receive the maximum refund value of 60% of their hire value.

    Dropping an ally before owning them for 15 days is scaled based on how long you've owned the ally, with a minimum of 4.5% refund if dropped on the day you hire them.

    Assuming a linear scaling, you will get an additional 3.96428571429% per day, starting on day 2 of ownership.


    Hire an ally worth 1,000,000 gold. Drop on day 7.

    Day 1 = 4.5% refund = 1,000,000 x 0.045 = 45,000 gold

    Day 2 = 4.5% + 3.96428571429% = 7.96428571429%. So, 1,000,000 x 8.46428571429% = 84,643 gold.

    Day 3 = 8.46428571429% + 3.96428571429% = 12.4285714286%. So, 1,000,000 x 12.4285714286% = 124,286 gold.




    Day 7 = 1,000,000 x 24.3214285714% = 243,214 gold.




    Day 15 = 1,000,000 x 60% = 600,000 gold.
  2. Why Did My Ally Reset?

    Q What is a reset bomb?

    AReset bombs are alternate accounts made by other players. Their purpose is to maximize the amount of gold you lose, based on the fact that the ally reset before you regain the maximum 60% refund rate, as per the devs' ally refund nerfing.

    This means that if you hire a reset bomb ally, you may lose up to 95.5% of their hire value! Be careful of which allies you hire! Ouch!
  3. What is Equipment?

    Equipment are items that can be used to increase your power. There are two types of equipment:

    • Permanent
    • Regular

    Permanent equipment are items you get by purchasing pro packs from the Oracle. You retain these items when you reset.


    Regular equipment comes from epic battle drops and Alchemist purchases. All regular items are lost when you reset.

  4. How do I Use Equipment?

    Permanent equipment is always active, but not visibly by anyone except you. You can view your equipment by tapping on the profile button on your home screen and scrolling all the way to the bottom.

    Regular equipment can be equipped (activated) by going to your home screen, tapping the profile button, then selecting "view more" next to the equipment bar. Once you get to your equipment screen, this is what you'll see:


    Tap on a slot to see your equipment available for that slot and then tap "equip."
  5. What is BFE?

    BFE is your bonus from equipment. Similar to BFA, you take the raw stats from your equipment and multiply it by 0.02 to get your BFE. Or you can just add your equipment stat boost to your raw stats, if that's what you're interested in.

    Your BFE raw stats can be found on your equpment page.


    Equipment stat boosts are static, which means it doesn't lower with your troop level. The exception to this are equipment items that give percentage boosts, like the Abyssal Blade - these items do scale with troop level.
  6. What Equipment Should I Use?

    Q What equipment should I use?

    A This really depends on your strategy and build. For example, your first instinct might be to go for equipment that boosts your troop power if you're an attack build. But if you have a piece of equipment in that slot that boosts your spy stats, you might benefit more from using the spy equipment.

    There are several combinations available, and you can configure your equipment to your liking. Experiment a little to find what works best for you.
  7. How Do I Enchant My Equipment?

    Q How Do I Enchant My Equipment?

    A There are two ways to enchant your equipment.

    • On your equipment page
    • At the Mage

    The enchantment page for each piece of equipment will tell you how much aqua/inferno/mithril you'll need for the next enchantment level.
  8. Help! I'm Being Attacked!

    If you are being attacked, the first thing you should do is size up your target. Take note of their stats. Try to find a weakness that you can exploit. For example, if they have strong spy stats but weaker troop stats than you, you can attack them back with troops.

    Avoid posting on your opponent's wall - this will give him/her a quick and easy link back to your kingdom. If they post on your wall, you can simply click on their name any time you want to attack them, without having to search for them in the battle list.

    Keep in mind that spies can attack troops and spies simultaneously with assassinations, so you'll need to find a way to protect your troops from assassinations, so you can hit your enemy back. One of the fastest ways to do this is to buy some spy defense pots or fire up a spy mithril spell. Keep in mind that even though this will cost you a lot of gold, your opponent is not earning any gold by assassinating your troops, so you'll have the advantage as far as replenishing your pots during the battle.

    If you have enough gold available, you should look into buying some spy defense towers. Tower spy defense is static, which will be very useful as your opponent's spies get lower and lower.

    If your opponent has more troop power, and you have more spy power, you should try to keep their troops pinned with assassinations. If they have SDP, be resilient - keep assassinating them, even if you fail. You'll eventually burn through their SDP until you get through.

    Make sure that if you're spy-heavy, you stay active in an epic battle to keep your troops pinned on the EB to keep your gold income steady and to prevent your opponent from being able to attack you.

    For both builds, you should make sure to bank your gold once the battle beings, so you minimize your losses.
  9. What to do About Farming

    If you're being farmed, you need to prepare to settle in for the long-term. Some farmers are more resilient than others, so you'll need to weigh your willingness and ability to counter their threat against your abilities.

    Most farmers will have some kind of demand that they will want met. This can be anything from hiring their crappy allies to posting an apology on their wall or in forums. This is how players surrender in KaW.

    If surrender isn't your style, you need to start planning your KaW future. Some farmers will give up and leave you alone after a few hours or a few days. Others will not stop for weeks, months, or years.

    One thing you definitely DON'T want to do is provoke your farmer. Don't post on his/her wall. Don't talk about them in forums or in WC. Don't acknowledge them if they post on your wall or follow you. The best thing you can do to deter a farmer is to ignore them and simply fight back. Most farmers are just looking to get some kind of reaction out of you to see how upset you'll get. Don't let them get the best of you, or you'll fall into their trap.
  10. Opponent Too Strong

    Opponent Too Strong means that your target is outside your hit range. The reason this exists is to protect very powerful players from being pinned by tons of tiny accounts - this is a game exploit. In order to be able to hit a target that is too strong for you, you must either upgrade your kingdom to boost your stats or hire enough allies to move your BFA into their hit range.
  11. The Battle List

    The battle list is where you can find opponents who are currently actively playing the game. Everyone you see on your battle list is either currently active, or they've logged in within the past few minutes.

    All targets on your battle list will be within your hit range.
  12. I’ve been banned from forums! Help!

    If you've been banned from forums, it's probably because you violated the RoC or ToU. When you get banned, you will get a notification from kaw telling you the reason for your ban and possibly some guidance about the length of the ban and appeal procedures.

    If you've been banned, DO NOT create a thread or ask a friend to make on on your behalf - this will only make your situation worse. Your best bet is to send an email to to ask for clarification and find out how to reverse the ban. Most bans can be appealed within about a month, so you'll have to wait until your appeal period is over before you can submit a request to reverse the ban.

    When you send your email, be sure to include the game and your username. Write clearly and use proper grammar. Explain what you did wrong and tell the support staff why you think the ban should be reversed. Be nice. Be courteous and respectful. If you've been banned from forums, you don't have the right to have the ban reversed - it's up to the discretion of the support team whether to reverse it or not.

    Only send one email and wait patiently for a response. Sending repeated emails will only delay your response time, and in some cases, will result in your email address being blocked by the support team, so be careful!
  13. Sticky Threads

    Q What is a sticky thread?

    A A sticky thread is a thread that the moderator and support team have determined are of the utmost value to the KaWmmunity. They are "stuck" at the top of each section of forums for quick and easy access. Players should become intimately familiar with sticky threads to ensure they master the basics of the game.

    Q My guide didn’t get stickied. Why?

    A There are many guides posted by players. Not all guides will make it into the sticky section. Typically, only guides that are relevant to the vast majority of players will become stickied. It's not that your thread isn't useful - it's just that it may not be useful to ALL players. Sticky guides also tend to be formatted and worded very well. Spelling, grammar, BBCode, and formatting errors will reduce the probability that your guide will not be stickied.

    Also, if you make a guide that has already been made, chances are that it will not be stickied unless it includes information that is not available in the currently stickied guide. If you want your guide to be stickied, make sure it is something new that hasn't already been done and that it is relevant to MOST players.
  14. How do I Post Pictures?

    Uploading pictures to photobucket

    Q It says my image is too big! What should I do?

    AYou must edit the size of your picture to no more than 600 x 600 pixels. Take a look at this guide for instructions.

    QOK. I uploaded my pictures to photobucket. Now what?

    AFollow the instructions in this guide.
  15. Finding Your Post Count

    • Android

      If you're on Android, simply look through the Google Play Store for any browser that supports "User Agent Switching." This will allow you to set your browser to make the websites you visit to believe that your Android device is a PC. Once you do this, simply go to and find a thread that you've posted in. On the right-hand side of the screen, you'll see your post count, as shown in the SS below.

    • iDevice

      Just like Android devices, you'll need to find and download a browser that supports user agent switching and set your browser to PC. Then find one of your posts to see your post count on the right, as shown above.
    • Computer/Laptop

      Every time you post on PC, your post count will appear to the right of your post, as shown in the above SS.
  16. Defending Against Much Bigger Kingdoms

    There is a large stat ratio that players can hit each other. Sometimes it works in your favor where you can hit someone much smaller than you. Other times, you may be getting hit by someone much bigger than you. This is how the game mechanics work, and you will need to find a way to defend yourself. Complaining about this in the forum, WC, or other players will likely make your situation worse.

    For some words of advise, find the section of this thread that talks about the basics of defending yourself.
  17. Finding War Clans

    • System War Clans

    The top system war clans can be found by going to the "leaders" menu and then selecting "view top clans." Then look at the clans listed under Prestige. Prestige is a measure of the number of wars a particular clan has won.

    These clans will typically have subclans you can join that will train you.

    • Off System War Clans

    These clans are a bit tougher to find. And because of changes in alliances and loyalties, they can sometimes become amorphous, meaning their members spread throughout KaW or form an entirely new clan from which to fight.

    Other clans let their members roam freely throughout KaW until it they are engaged in a war, at which point they may choose to come back together at a central home clan. Two clans that are notable for this technique are Black Hand and LSA.

    A few amorphous alliances exist, such as the OMETS and Assassins Guild, who never fight from a central clan during OSW with the intent to prevent their opponents from being able to easily target the entire group or knowing how many members they have.

    Many OSW clans have formed massive alliances over the years that may be known by another name, such as ZAFT, Apocalypse, oG Alliance, Umbrella Corporation, YA_Jugement_FI, and WDGAF. These alliances span multiple OSW clans that include feeder clans and banks. They typically have forces that number in the hundreds, and some even have thousands of warriors.

    Here is a short list of OSW clans. This is by no means an exhaustive list. This is just a short list of clans that I have noticed making a name for themselves in WC and forums. In other words, these clans have a public reputation for OSW.

    These clans are in no particular order.

    • iG
    • Foxes
    • No Bully Network
    • VooDoo
    • Knights of the Fire Emblem
    • Zodiac Alliance Freedom Treaty (and any clan whose name starts with ZAFT)
    • Regulators
    • Heart Of Gold
    • Wrath_Of_God
    • -ProTake-
    • LSA
    • Assassins Guild
    • OMETS
    • The Outlawz
    • .Alpha.
    • Defenders of Asgard
    • Divine Regiment
    • Last Rights
    • Taka
    • Black Hand
    • A B A N D O N A L L H O P E
    • You Ask For It
    • ___JUDGMENT___
    • True Spartans
    • Warriors of the Ancient Realms
    • -WiG-
    • -WiT- (Whatever it Takes)
    • I.S.S (Insomniac Smash Squad)
    • Chaos Reborn
    • Forty Six and Two
    • Sicarius Noctis
    • New Age
    • LOS (Lords of the Shadow)
    • _RCA_
    • The HiT Squad
    • Fury
    • X Factor
    • VR1
    • Osiris
    • Pure Evil
    • V_Hawks
    • LOTR
    • The United Noor Empire
    • The French Knights
  18. Off-System War

    Q What does OSW mean?

    A OSW stands for Off-System War. This means any type of war or battle that takes place under the control of players and occurs outside formal game system matchups. There is no formal declaration, and there are almost never any clear winners. These wars typically end up with both sides agreeing to a mutual cease fire to end hostilities.

    OSW has no time limit, and they can last as short as a few minutes to as long as several months. No, single OSW has lasted longer than one year as of the writing of this post.

    Q What does tracking mean?

    A Tracking is when a particular kingdom is monitored to determine what time their lowest level of activity occurs. This is done to prepare for a full strip of the target and can take several days, weeks, or even months, depending on the target.

    What does stripping mean?

    Q What does CF mean?

    A CF stands for cease fire. This marks the end of hostilities between two opposing forces. CF agreements are usually made in private chatrooms between the leadership of both sides.

    CF agreements typically come with conditions by the winning side, such as hiring allies for war reparations, disbanding of clans, kicking of a particular member, and/or disbanding of clans.

    Individuals can also sometimes request personal CFs if they no longer wish to participate in the OSW or surrender due to overwhelming attacks by the opposing side.

    Q What types of CF are there?

    • Personal CF - as described above.
    • Mutual CF - as described above
    • Full surrender CF - this rarely happens, but when it does, the losing side is at the mercy of their opponent for CF terms and conditions.