Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. CC Rules

    There are no formal rules from ATA regarding CC. Each clan has the right to have uncensored CC, so long as the ToU are not violated. Clans may also have more strict chat rules for their CC.

    • Owner duties and responsibilities

    Generally, the owner is responsible for everything posted in CC. To do this, the owner must appoint admin to monitor clan chat. The owner also has the power to kick players from their clan, should their chat rules be broken.

    As of the time of this writing, there is no way for clan owners or admin to silence players in CC.

    • Admin responsibilities

    Admin are responsible for ensuring that their clan CC rules are being enforced and to kick players who refuse to follow CC rules.
  2. AC Rules

    As with CC, AC has no formal rules. However, there is no way to prevent your owner and allies from posting in AC. You may silence your allies by dropping them, but that is not advisable. Certainly, there is no way to block communication with your owner through AC.
  3. PM Rules

    Private messaging is not moderated or filtered. You may prevent someone from messaging you by blocking them.
  4. Emoji

    Emoji are the small images you often see in WC that are not text.

  5. WC, CC, and AC

    To view an in-game group chat, simply tap the white bar near the bottom of the screen. Then tap on the group you'd like to view.

    The image below shows the WC group chat function in the game.


    To speak in WC, you must use a speaker. You earn 5 speakers every day automatically, up to a maximum of 25. It will cost you one speaker to post a message in WC. The banner at the top is called the World Announcement (WA). You may post a message in the WA for 26 speakers. Speakers can be purchased from the Oracle.

    Note: Only accounts that are linked to a device will regenerate speakers for free. PC-only accounts will not regenerate speakers automatically.

    The image below shows the CC screen.


    Chatting in CC is free. The top of the CC screen is the Clan Announcement (CA). Only the clan owner and admin may change the CA.

    Finally, the image below shows AC.


    AC is a group chat where only your owner and your allies can chat. You can only see one level up and one level down. This means that you can see what your owner says, but you can't see what their owner or allies are saying. Similarly, your owner cannot see what your allies are saying, but you can.
  6. Private Messaging

    PM is a two-way private chat. To PM someone, you must be friends with that person. Find their profile in your friends list by pressing the button in the top, right corner of your screen or search for them using the BL.

    Once you find their profile or their name in your friends list, click on "chat."


    As seen above, new message notifications for PMs will appear over the "inbox" tab.
  7. Palringo

    Palringo is a 3rd party messaging app. It is free for PC, iDevice, and Android. It is used for many purposes. It allows players to create their own groups for special purposes as well as to continue chatting outside the game.
  8. Bypassing

    This game is equipped with a language filter to block profanity. Bypassing the filter is done by replacing parts of the word with other characters. For example, if the word "pumpkin" was filtered by the game, then posting the word pumpkln or p*mpkin would be considered a bypass. Bypassing the language filter is a silencable offense. The language filter applies to WC, forums, walls, and CC, although CC isn't moderated. However, if a moderator is present in your CC, s/he may silence you.
  9. Finding Players By Name

    On your home screen, select "battle"


    That should take you to this screen:


    Then select "search by username."

  10. Regenerating Troops/Spies Faster

    Your troops and spies can be regenerated faster by using a health crystal or 10 nobility points. These can be earned by doing quests or purchased through the Oracle. Be advised that the drop rate for these items from quests is VERY low. Some have estimated that the drop rate is 0.02%. That means that only 2 out of every 10,000 successful quests will result in a nobility or crystal drop.

    The normal regeneration rate for attack and defense troop buildings is 1/12 of all troops. Full troop regeneration will take 1 hour.

    Spies always regenerate at a rate of 1/12 of all spies every 5 minutes, or full regeneration every hour.

    If you have a balanced troop building, your troops will regenerate at a rate of 1/14 of all troops every 5 minutes and take 1 hour and 10 minutes to fully regenerate.

    The developers also sometimes reward all active players with (usually) 1 - 3 free crystals for no reason. There is no way to know if/when this will happen. They have historically done this 2 - 4 times per year as a token of appreciation for playing their game. So be sure to send them a thanks when they do! ;)
  11. What Does an Ally Do?

    Allies offer a number of benefits. They give you a plunder bonus that is based only on their hire value. You also add their BTA to your raw stats. This is called BFA, and it's a static bonus, which means it will not reduce with your troop level.

    You can also chat with your allies in an exclusive in-game chat called Ally Chat.
  12. Do I Need Allies?

    While allies aren't needed, it's a good idea to have them. As the question above this points out, they offer a number of useful benefits.
  13. How Do I Hire Allies?

    There are a number of ways to hire allies.

    Allies can be found by tapping on the "Allies" tab at the bottom of the home screen and then selecting "hire more allies."

    You can also find allies by looking for any player anywhere in the game and hiring them.

    Finally, you can hire someone else's allies by opening someone's profile and scrolling down to see their allies.
  14. Understanding Ally Values

    Unfortunately, there is no set definition for "good ally prices." I have asked several people and even made a thread, reaching out to the community for assistance. No one can seem to nail this down for reasons Mango enumerates in her ally trading guide.

    Prices are constantly fluctuating with each new content release and/or massive OSW.

    Mango's guide is currently the best guidance anyone can give at this point.
  15. Why do People Keep Hiring My Allies?

    When you first start playing, you may find it challenging to hang onto your allies. This is normal, so don't worry - no one is out to get you or sabotage your game.

    You may be wondering why this is happening.

    Think of KaW allies as money. There is a limited supply. Think of small allies, especially below a hire price of 1 billion gold, like pennies. They're basically worthless to most people, except the poor. As a smaller/new player, these lower-priced allies are important to your growth.

    But there's a problem.

    In order for more allies to exist, more new players must start playing KaW because every time they get hired, their hire price increases by 5%. This means that there's a limited number of cheap allies available for sale because not everyone in the world plays KaW! I know, it's a bummer :( But this just means that you have to keep hiring more allies whenever your allies get hired away. That's not necessarily a bad thing, either, because every time someone hires your ally, you earn 1.58% profit - for free!

    So don't worry if someone hires all your allies - just hire more and keep earning free profit. At some point, your allies will be expensive enough so that they won't get hired away as quickly.
  16. Volleying

    Volleying is a great way to boost a new player into quick growth. Starting out is hard without a volley.

    When you first start playing, it's a good idea to make a post in WC saying something like "hire me. I'm new." Soon, you'll have other players hiring you back and forth. Every time someone hires you, you earn 1% of your hire price. This continues up to a maximum of 1 million gold per hire. Most players will volley you up to about 3 billion gold for free. This should give you more than enough free gold to make a great starting build.

    Volleying is also an unofficial way to transfer gold between players - see earlier section for more details.
  17. Raw Stats, BFA, and BTA

    BFA stands for Bonus From Allies.

    BFA is how much power you get from your allies' strength. Each player gets exactly 2% of their allies' combined raw stats.

    To explain this in further detail, let's take a look at a picture. Below is a snapshot of my current raw stats.


    As you can see, there's quite a bit going on here. It's easiest to think of this in 4 categories.

    1. Current Troop Strength
    2. Current Spy Strength
    3. Max Troop Strength
    4. Max Spy Strength

    The numbers to the left of the "/" symbol are your current troop/spy strength. The numbers to the right of the "/" symbol are referred to as your "raw stats." These figures represent the maximum possible strength your kingdom can have (not including your allies, equipment, or other bonuses). This is only a measure of the strength of your buildings and castle.

    So, if I take my raw troop stats and multiply them by the scaling factor of 0.02, then I'll get my Bonus To Allies (BTA). This figure is how much my owner gets for having me as his/her ally. My BTA gets added to his/her raw stats.

    This is probably starting to get a bit confusing, so let's do an example.

    Here is my profile as viewed by other players.


    Notice that these stats are different than my raw stats. That's because other players only see my BTA. That's because BTA is the important information that my potential owners are interested in, since only my BTA will be added to their raw stats. But I digress.

    So if someone hires me, they will get my BTA added to their stats. In the case of my current owner, Donno-The-First, he will get my BTA added to his raw stats.

    But wait! We can't see his raw stats!

    Don't worry. To find someone's raw stats, simply look at their profile and multiply their BTA by 50 to find their raw stats.

    So, here's Donno's current profile:


    Rememeber, we only see his BTA. So to find out his "stats," we have to add his BFA to his equpment stat bonus. For simplicity, let's ignore his equipment stats. So, if we're working with only BTA stats, he has 11,967,224 attack stats.

    My ally bonus, as shown above is 912,696. But my ally bonus doesn't get added to his BTA - it gets added to his raw stats! So you have to multiply my stats by 0.02 to find out the BFA he gets from me.

    So, 912,696 x 0.02 = 18,254. Remember, this is only the BFA he gets toward his troop stats from owning me. So my contribution to his troop attack BFA is 18,254, which means if I was his only ally, his effective troop attack "stats" would be 11,985,478.

    If that wasn't confusing enough, here's some more technical details to throw you for a loop.

    BFA only works one level up. In other words, my owner's owner doesn't get any stat bonus from my owner's allies.

    Don't be ashamed if you have to read through this multiple times for it all to sink in. It took us all a while to really figure it all out. ;)
  18. Drop Volley

    Drop volleys are rare and unbelievably costly. They were more common when allies always returned 60% of their hire price to the owner, but that has been nerfed by the developers.

    Before this update, it was possible to grow small stat accounts quickly without significant gold losses to the players hiring the smaller accounts.

    But enough with history. Drop volleys are a way to reduce the hire value of an ally to make them available to other players at a lower price. This had multiple implications for the ally market, which the developers felt was disruptive to the game, which is why it is not used today.

    To drop volley a player, one person hires another and drops them - this reduces their hire value. That same player, or another player, can hire that same ally and drop them again. Repeat this process until the ally is at the desired lower hire value.