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  1. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - A

    AC- Ally Chat

    ACC - A Cold Calling (EB)

    Alliance – A large group of players and clans unified under a supreme command, especially during times of OSW.

    Ally Plunder- The gold you gain from ally bonus

    Ass- To Assassinate someone

    ATA - A Thinking Ape. The private company who owns and develops games, including KaW, GaW, FC, PiMD, and Meego.

    Att- Attack

    Av- War Aviary
  2. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - B

    Ban – To be banished from posting in forums or participating in the game of KaW. If banned from playing KaW, you will not be able to login to your account. Your profile may be reset. You may lose all gold/allies/propacks/etc. A forum ban will prevent you from being able to view or post to forums from within the KaW app. You will not be able to post to KaW forums from any platform, if you’ve been banned.

    Bank - to store all gold out in order to prevent you from losing it from incoming attacks and steals. You can bank in allies, pots, or bronze bars. A bank is also an alternate account that can be used as an external gold storage place. these are usually kept in an outside clan to avoid detection during wars.

    Bar - troop and spy bars that correspond to the number of spies and troops you have available.

    BB - bronze bars

    BFA- Bonus From Allies

    Beast - Beastiary

    Bil/B- Billion

    BL- Battle List

    Bldg – building

    Bot – An automated computer-generated activity generator. Any computer program or algorithm that plays the game without human interaction. Botting will result in a ban.

    BR- Battle Royale (EB)

    BTA- Bonus To Allies

    BTO - bonus to owner

    BUMP- Bring Up My Post (Forums). When someone creates a new post in a forum thread, it moves that thread to the top of the active topics (AT) section of forums - hence, the name, Bring Up My Post.

    Bypassing- Modifying a word to get past the language filter. Bypassing will result in a silence and/or ban. This is explained in further detail in the Silencing Rules.
  3. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - C

    CA – Clan Announcement

    Castle – The primary building on the lowlands. Cannot be sold. Provide static attack/defense stats.

    Cath – War Cathedral

    CC- Clan Chat

    Circ- Summoning Circle

    CF – Cursed Foundry

    CI – Clan Info

    Circ – Summoning Circle

    Clan – A formal, in-system alliance where groups of players are placed into a group. Clans can declare formal, system war, initiate and participate in epic battles, have an exclusive chat group, and designate owner/admins. Clans also have a public page, viewable by anyone where they can showcase a limited amount of information on their clan page.

    Clan Events – A list of clans actively participating in epic battles and wars.

    Closed – No hits allowed, especially for OSFs and OAFs

    COE – Circle of Elementals

    CoR- Cave of Riches (EB)

    CotD- City of the Dead (EB)

    CS – Combined Stats. The sum of all spy and troop bonus to allies.

    CtT- Crossing the Threshold (EB)
  4. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - D

    Def- Defense

    Devs- The developers of Kingdoms at War

    Dropping Pots- Selling one pot at a time to open for people(See Open, OSF, and Pots)

    DTS - Defen

    DS - Desert Stine (EB)

    DTS – Defender Too Strong. Your stats are too small to hit the other player
  5. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - E

    EB- Epic Battle.

    Empty – To be out of troops/spies
  6. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - F

    Farming- To hit 1 person over 5x in a short period of time - see Attacking Etiquette for more information about the history of "farming."

    FB - full bar. This means a full bar of troops/spies was used for a particular purpose.

    FC - Frozen City (EB). May also refer to Future Combat, another ATA game.

    FoD- Figure of Death (EB)

    Full- To have all of your soldiers/spies full
  7. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - G

    GaW - Gangs at War. Another ATA game

    GS - Glacial Squall

    Gold out - this is how much gold you have available on your home screen that is not yet banked. Gold out can be lost due to incoming steals and attacks.
  8. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - H

    Haunt- The Haunting (EB)

    HB - half bar

    HFC - Bought all of the lands in The Hoarfrost Lands

    HFLC - Bought all of the lands in the Hoarfrost Lands with Lvl3 T6 buildings

    HLBC- Bought all of the lands in The Highlands with Lvl3 T5 Buildings

    HLC- Bought all of the lands in The Highlands
  9. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - K

    K- Thousand

    KaW- Kingdoms at War

    Keep- To retain ownership of an ally
  10. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - L

    LB- LeaderBoard

    LC- Land Complete (Buying all lands)

    Lurking- Being in a chat but not talking

    LVL- Level (of building)
  11. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - M

    M/Mil- Million

    Maxed- LC with all fully upgraded buildings
  12. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - M

    NG- New Growth (EB)

    NML- No Mans Land (EB)

    Nob- Nobility Points

    NQ- No Quarter (EB)
  13. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - O

    OSF- Open Secret/Spy Farm. This is a spy-heavy build that is used to attack farm for easy gold due to its high stats, yet low troop devense.

    OAF - Open Attack Farm. Similar to the OSF, this is a troop-heavy build with low spy defense. Used to gain easy spy attacks.

    OP - opening post. This refers to the first post in a thread. It can also refer to the person who created the thread. OP may also refer to the term "over powered." Over powered means that a particular kingdom, build, item, potion, or equipment is over powered.

    OSW - off-system war.
  14. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - P

    P - pinned

    Pal - Palringo

    PiMD – Party in My Dorm. Another ATA game.

    Pin- When a defender is "Too Weak"

    Plunder- The gold you earn from an attack

    PM - Private Message

    PM- Private Message

    Pots- Items from The Marketplace - A.K.A. Potions

    Pot burn - to repeatedly attack a kingdom in order to deplete the number of defensive potions they have.

    Potted - a person who has the maximum number of attack and defense pots for both troop and spy actions.

    Prestige - a measure of a clan's ability to win wars
  15. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - R

    Regen- Regeneration period, where you get more troops/spies

    run bars - to repeatedly use a full bar of troop and/or spy actions against a target. This is done by using a full bar or both bars on the target and then quickly regenerating troops and spies with a health crystal and/or nobility points. Repeating this process multiple times is called "running bars."
  16. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - S

    SB - Scout Bomb- To scout someone a lot

    SDP - spy defense potions

    SDT - spy defense towers

    Sit- To keep a defender "Too Weak"

    Skim - to keep your troop and spy levels high by using small amounts of troops and spies to maximize gold income during an EB. Keeping your troops near full during an EB helps you earn more plunder.

    SR- Sporavek's Revenge (EB)

    SS- Scionic Storm (EB)

    SS - screen shot

    Static – Constant stats. Does not reduce with troop level.

    Stats- Your BTA (located on profile)

    StP - Storm the Palace (EB)

    Strip- Hire allies and farm a player

    Sub- A Subterranean Factory. Also can refer to a sublcan.

    Subclan - A subordinate clan for players who are too small to meet the stat requirements of the main clan, sometimes referred to as a "feeder clan."

    System war - an official war that is set up through the in-game war and matchmaking system.
  17. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - T

    T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6- Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Tier 5, Tier 6

    Target - an opponent kingdom, which you are attacking.

    Tax- The amount of gold taken away in war. This may also refer to a tactic that some players use to punish those who hire their allies. In this case, the player who wants to keep their ally may hire the ally back, followed by various hits to cause the other player to lose gold. The gold lost is often referred to as a "tax for hiring allies."

    TBO- The Barren Orchard (EB)

    TDP - trooop defense pots

    TDT - troop defense tower

    TFO- The Forgotten Ones (EB)

    TGL- The Gilded Lord (EB)

    ToC- Talons of Carnage (EB)

    ToU- Terms of Use

    TT- Terrain Travails (EB)

    TVP - The Vanished Paladin (EB)
  18. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - V

    VD - Viper's Den (EB)

    Volley- Hiring 1 person back and forth
  19. How to Speak KaW (Acronyms) - W

    Wandering villager - a game mechanic that will rarely allow a much smaller target to successfully defend against a much larger kindgom's spy actions. The message "Your spies were unluckily discovered by a wandering villager" will appear to let you know that you were very unlucky this attack.

    WC- World Chat

    Well-pottled - a person with large reserves of each type of defense potion. Well-potted typically means the person has hundreds or thousands of each type of defense pot.

    WW - Wasteland Wilds (EB)
  20. Bullying

    Q Someone is being mean to me. What should I do?

    A This really depend on how the person is being mean.

    If they're bullying you by farming you, you must find a way to find a resolution to your own conflict.

    However, if they're violating the ToS, you may take a screenshot of the violation and send it to If the violation took place on forums or on walls, you may report the violation to a game/forum moderator for assistance.

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