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    I have a question. Where should I post it?

    Q What is AT?

    A AT stands for "Active Topics." AT can be found by tapping on the Active Topics button when first logging into forums. Only the top 25 recently active threads will appear in AT at a time. A thread is considered active when someone has posted in it recently. To bring a thread into AT, simply bump it.

    Q Why did my thread get locked?!

    A Threads may be locked for excessive off topic posts, lack of effort in the OP, or RoC/ToU violations in the thread. If your thread gets locked, you may not complain about it in forums. If you feel your thread was unfairly locked, you must send an email to and explain why you think your thread should be unlocked.

    Q What is BBCode?

    A BBCode stands for "Bulletin Board Code." It is a programming language that is used by this forum to add formatting to your posts and threads, such as bold font, color, and different sizes, just to name a few.

    How do I use BBCode?

    I want to try testing some BBCode. Where can I make some test posts?

    How do you make bold/underline/color/italics?

    How do I post pictures?

    Q What do I need to know before I make my first post in forums?

    A Before you make your first post in forums, it's a really good idea to lurk for awhile to get a feel for how to conduct yourself here. Take note of the way others are posting and decide how you want to present yourself here. Show your unique personality, but remember to always follow the RoC and ToU when posting here in this forum.

    I’ve been posting awhile now, and I think I’m ready to make my first thread. What should I do?

    Why can’t I post on kaw_admin threads?

    How do I find my post count?

    QWhat is a troll/flamer?

    AA troll is someone who makes others think they are a certain way without actually feeling that way. Their intent is to bait you into a heated discussion to get you angry and make passionate comments. A good troll never gets caught. However, trolling is against the RoC and may earn you a forum ban. True trolls are VERY rare, and you'll likely never know that you're dealing with one, if they're worth their salt.

    A flamer is someone who makes inflammatory comments to upset you. Unlike a troll, their intent is clear - they want to upset others. Flaming is a violation of the RoC and ToU and may get you banned from forums. Do not flame this forum. Nobody likes a flamer. If you want to flame, go elsewhere. Keep your posts on topic and make sure that what you say contributes to the forum. This doesn't mean you have to pretend to be friendly. You can disagree and debate without flaming. Debate and disagreements are welcome here, but when you disagree for the sake of disagreement, you've crossed the line.
  2. Clans

    QWhere can I find a list of active clans?

    A From the home screen, select Clan, then select "Clan Events" in the bottom, right corner. Or look for clan ads posted in WC.

    Where can I find a list of war clans?

    Q Where can I find an epic battle clan?

    A From the home screen, select Clan, then select "Clan Events" in the bottom, right corner. Or look for clan ads posted in WC.

    Q I want to do ____ epic battle. Where can I find a clan doing it?

    A From the home screen, select Clan, then select "Clan Events" in the bottom, right corner. Or look for clan ads posted in WC.

    Q What is a clan bonus?

    A When a clan successfully unlocks a new EB, they may earn a clan bonus. This bonus is a percentage stat boost that applies to everyone currently in the clan. You can see your clan bonus by opening your profile and scrolling down to "Clan Bonus," as shown in the SS below.


    Q How do I create a clan?

    A To create a clan, you must leave your current clan. Then select "Clan" from the home screen and then select "Create a Clan." As of the writing of this post, the current cost to create a clan is 25 billion gold or 100 nobility points.

    Q Should I create a clan?

    A Chances are that if you're asking this question, you probably should not. Owning a clan and making it work requires a great deal of time and effort. Most clans, like most small businesses, fail within a few days/weeks. Unless you have a strong support network of friends who are willing to devote time and effort to help you run your clan, it will likely fail. It's best to spend a few months in other clans and grow your account before deciding whether you really want to create your own clan.

    How do you perform admin/owner duties?

    My clan is failing. What should I do?

    How do I let more people know about my clan?

    My clan is being attacked! Help!

    How do I disband my clan?

    What happens if I disband my clan?
  3. Complaints


    If you have a complaint about another player, and you feel that they have violated the RoC or ToU, you may file your report to a moderator, send feedback through the in-game feedback function located at the bottom of the home screen, or you may send an email to

    Remember - farming is not against the rules, so do not contact a moderator, use the feedback function, or email support with farming complaints. Find a way to get a CF or fight back.


    If you have complaints about the game, you should first discuss it with your friends and clanmates. If you feel like your complaint is legitimate based on their feedback, you may post your complaint in forums. Make sure you post your complaint in the correct category, or your thread may get locked and/or deleted.

    When posting complaints in the forum, be prepared for a MUCh bigger variety of feedback, which may include people who disagree with you and your friends about the issue. Don't take this personally, as KaW is a very big game, with players from all different backgrounds and all over the world.

    If after making your thread, you have found that your complaint is valid, you should send an email to with a link to your thread and a well-written explanation as to why you think the developers should consider your complaint.
  4. Developers and Support Staff

    Q What is a dev/developer?

    A Developers are the people (and their managers) who write the computer code that makes this game work. kaw_admin is the public face of the development team. Developers are considered by most the top of the ATA food chain, although this may not necessarily be true. ATA is a private company, so they are not required to publish any information regarding their company structure or management.

    Q I just sent an email to Who reads these emails?

    A Your emails are typically read by a customer service representative of ATA. Once they receive your email, they forward it to the appropriate department that deals with your particular issue. Sometimes, this may mean it goes to a developer. Other times it may mean your email goes to an account specialist if you're trying to have some work done to your account. Most of the time, however, the customer service representative will send you a response to answer your question or relay a predefined response to common questions and complaints they receive.

    Understand that they get many emails throughout the day, so you may not always get the answer you're looking for. Repeatedly emailing them may get your email address added to their ignore list, which will prevent your from ever getting help from them.

    When you send in an email to support, be sure to write clearly and use proper grammar and spelling to ensure that the person reading your email fully understands your issue, so they can server you better.

    Q How can I contact the developers?

    A There is no way to contact the developers directly. Your best bet to contact a developer is to send an email to support. If the customer service representative doesn't have an answer for you, and if your question is related to game development, there is a chance that you may actually get a response from a game developer, but they won't necessarily identify themselves as a developer. The only thing you'll see is the name of the person sending the email. No job titles are listed.

    I have feedback I’d like to share about the game. How can I submit my idea?
  5. KaW History

    Historic threads

    KaW timeline

    Q What is the oldest clan in KaW

    A There is some debate about this topic, so be your own judge by reviewing the contents of this thread.

    Who is SPRAGGA?

    Q What is the castle code?

    A Te castle code was a prank that the player Swabia used to trick people into hiring his crappy allies. He told his victims that if they hired his allies, he would PM the castle code to them that would allow them to upgrade their castle. This was before you could upgrade your castle. He was banned by the developers for lying about this ficticious game feature.
  6. Changing Your Username - PC

    Step 1: Go to the Oracle


    Step 2: Click on the change username link


    Step 3: Enter your desired username

  7. Changing Your Username - iDevice

    How to Change Your Username on iDevice

    Step 1: Go to the Marketplace


    Step 2: Select the Oracle


    Step 3: Select “Choose Username”

  8. Changing Your Usernam - Android

    Go to the Marketplace then select Oracle.

    Then select "a name change."


    The enter your desired username and select "Accept for 20 points."

  9. Unavailable Username

    Q OK, I found a username that I want, but it says it’s not available, even though no one else has that name! Help!

    A This sometimes happens when a username either contains a bypass or has been used by another person in the past. Typically, a username is unavailable for at least one year after a person changes their name or resets their account.

    If you want to find out if/when a particular username will become available, send an email to, requesting more information about the username. Be sure to include which game you're playing and what your current username is.
  10. Battle Stats

    Your battle stats give you a detailed snapshot of your wins and losses of each attack type (except potions).

    As you can see in the SS below, there are four battle stats:
    1. Fight
    2. Steal
    3. Assassinate
    4. Scout


    The number to the left is how many of a particular type of attack/defense you won. The number on the right is the number of losses for that particular type of attack.

    Each type of attack is listed by offense and defense. Offense means it is an attack that you initiated. Defense means it was from another player.

    As you can see in the SS below, your stats appear differently to other players. There is less detail. The only two stats you see are battles won and battles lost. The only actions counted in this view are troop actions. Spy actions do not count on your battles won/lost profile page.

    Here, battles won is the sum of your fight offenses won and your fight defenses won. Similarly, your battles lost is the sum of your fight offenses lost and fight defenses lost.

    In this example, you can see that my battles lost come from my fight defenses lost, which is 9,811 and fight offenses lost, which is 3,021. Add those two numbers together, and you will get my battles lost of 12,832, as shown below.

  11. Am I Overpriced?

    Your hire price has no relevance to you or your ability to play the game. Avoid the pitfalls of hire price obsession.
  12. Newsfeed

    Your newsfeed contains important information about recent activity related to your account, allies, and clan.

    The notification limit for your newsfeed is 50. Keep this in mind later for OSW strategy, as being able to see who hired your allies in a strip is important.

    As you can see in the SS below, there are four news categories: All, Battle, Allies, and Clan.


    You can view all news at the same time, or you can sort it by category.

    The battle category will show you any incoming hits you've had. Be aware that if an opponent performs a successful spy action against you, you will not be able to see who did it. You will simply be notified that "someone" stole/assassinated/scouted you. Your battle newsfeed will also give you a quick link back to the attacker's profile for ease of retaliation.

    The allies category will show you a list of all notifications related to others hiring your allies as well as when you've been hired.

    Finally, the clan tab will show you a list of clan-related notifications, such as change of clan ownership, initiation/completion of an epic battle, and war initiation/completion notifications.
  13. Selling Buildings

    You may sell any building other than your castle.

    Below is a SS of the screen you'll see when you view your building.


    If you click on "sell," you'll get a confirmation box pop-up shown below.


    The warning for getting a partial refund is to inform you that you will not be refunded the entire price of what you originally paid for the building. The building sale refund rate as of the writing of this post is 20% of the total you spent on the building, including any upgrades.

    For more details about exact refund rates for each building, refer to Wulf's building thread.