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  1. Kaw pls learn how to forgive learn Thx
  2. How do you get Speaker Items?! What are they?! I'm new, I play Meego and they don't require anything like that to post on World Chat.
  3. Once you link your facebook to your device, your speaker items regenerate by 5 a day. You max out at 25.

    You can purchase speakers from the Oracle.

    The pro-packs come with a speaker bonus. You can purchase more than 25...but they don't regenerate above 25.
  4. Is there some trick to increase horn and sod drops? Also for the event which eb is dropping specifically rings?
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  7. Remove the spaces in the bbcode
  8. Some of this thread is so far out of date, Need a refresh.
  9. My ? is how does a 2 day old acct. with only 600 battle victories build to over 2m cs and afford to buy a $1.9q ally. I have close to 6 years invested and haven't grown that large.
  10. P sure you're over 2mcs. As for the gold, probably got volley transferred a ton from a large alt/main. Not uncommon for new alts to do that.