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  1. You're welcome, KaW. I had a lot of fun making this FAQ. :)
  2. Can there be an option in the market place to sell or trade ones excess scrolls received from an ss or ts eb after we have already enchanted that item?
  3. Not the place to ask for that. Best place is emailing

    You could just keep the scrolls, they dont affect you if you get drop, and I believe there is a cap to how many you can have.

    Being able to sell them isnt a great idea though, it just gives another avenue for gold generation and through that inflation.
  4. There must be a formula to calculate the price's increase an ally suffers when it gets hired.
    Can anyone tell it to me?
  5. ^i couldn't find it lol
  6. [aname]Yoh_Asakura[/aname]
  7. [aname] Yoh_Asakura [/aname]
  8. Whatcha trying to do?
  9. Hi i hv earned many aquas and infernos but i hvnt come to the stage of getting the mage yet.Furthermore i hv six equipments ardy and is there any way i can my total infernos and aquas before entering the stage having the mage.tks
  10. Can someone pls explain to me how to post pics on forums using an android? 
  11. What eb drop banner material?
  12. Origins, destroyer, fod, sr, tgl, acc and tsg.
  13. What's better mirth eb or war for it
  14. How do I appeal for getting my status wiped by a mod, when it doesn't break the ToC?
    I don't want to put it back and get banned.
  15. Put a different one.
  16. If I reset do I lose my bronze bars