Free Seals of the Damned

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by IIFlameII, May 13, 2018.

  1. I’ve seen people recieve seals for free from ebs such as ROTWB. Does anyone have a list of ebs that have a chance to drop seals or is it just random? What is the probabillity? Also, just a bit of feedback, I personally think that seals should be able to be traded as well as daily eb chests who else agrees
  2. Haunt, rotwb and warbeasts have the best chances but are still low chance. Ive gotten two out of the royal chests. Fod also drops I believe
  3. We had a member get one off of haunt the other day and I've seen em drop from TSG and regular warbeast.
  4. Choccy's thread on epic battles contains all possible drops for each eb. No word on drop rate though, would be interesting to run out.
  5. Sr has dropped them as well
  6. Drop rate is just as bad as the rewards from free chests
  7. ...Ive gotten 2 this ewvnt alone