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Do you think we should still be able to watch a set amount of ads per day for nobility?

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  3. The fyber option works well enough

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    Support - ata should find a more reputable partner.
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    A few work, and it's pretty easy to tell if they will early on. They generally have a low nobility count and are unique from the rest of the "enter your email and then on the next tab everything about you" ones.

    I dunno. I was able to get ~50 overall.
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    SUPPORT. Do not click those offers that tells u to send SMS confirmation. They charge $8 .
    For every SMS, what a scam. The offer page says it's free. End up we are charged so much. $8 usd can buy so much more nob than the little crap offer which gives 30 . Remove it pls. Already contacted support bout this.
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    Full support!
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    Lmao what a bunch of complete idiots. You are not forced to complete a gold silver and platinum offer. Simply click the continue button. I showed my clan how to make 200 Nobs a day, we haven't paid for an HTE in over a month.
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    I've clicked continue. I was just redirected agaim to another survey, and at the end of that survey, Guess what happened? More surveys and redirects. Happy you guys dont have to pay $5 a seal though. Cheers!
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    No support.some folks use this as a sole avenue to Nobs. If you dont like it dont use it.
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    I would like you to use it please.
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    Who says I have not?
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    A petition is pointless. Just because some people don't like a feature doesn't mean it's gonna be initiated. If it was, don't you think that quests and BL would also be taken off because people don't like them or don't use them? If you don't like it, don't use it. I've used them. It's not like they pop up asking you to use them, like the daily ads stuff. It's just a button that you have to go and click to open and if you don't want it open, you don't even have to click it.

    It doesn't bother you if you don't touch it.
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    I am a noob. I cant pay for nobs, so i try to get free ones. I go to there, and whala- i spend 30 minutes doing multiple offers, completing some( it says survey complete), and being thrown into survey after survey, and a wall of ads. I restart kaw app to see if i have gotten nobility and no. I look at the fyber thing(It says verifying, should take 7 min)... 4 hours later no nobs, and my info is who knows where.Thats really helpful...
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    I get free nobs all the time. Over 150 this week. Most don't work but I have developed some secrets to which ones are most likely to work. I also can tell which ones have a long survey and which ones are just an email submission just by looking at the title. If you put a little time into figuring it out you will make some nobs. If not you can just keep crying like a noob.
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    Support for finding a new way to get nobs!!!
    It's not the fact that people don't like it, it's because it's full of false expectations.
    If you saw FREE whatever, you figure
    "Sure I'll go for it. All it says is Give your Email."

    Ok, so I'll stand in line and get my free stuff, you give your email and it says, Step to the next table to get your FREE prize, you think "Well ok, if that is what I need to do."

    You stand in line at the next table but notice
    "Oh crap, what are all these questions being asked."
    Then you answer the questions thinking,
    "Wow, I hope this is it, I have dinner in the oven"
    After you answer the questions, Please go to the next table for your prize!!
    Aaannddddd the next table....
    "Geez, this isn't as easy as it looks."
    The next table..... "Should I give my credit card number to these people?" "I thought it was free" "How can it be free when I have to give my card and sign up for a newsletter?"

    "Oh just screw it, my dinner is burnt, my feet hurt and now I have a headache from listening to all these hens in line wanting free stuff.

    Do that and then tell me it's free
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    Why cant they understand this...

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    And one more thing, Yes the Devs do listen to petitions.
    They have removed or added elements to this game several times when complaints were made, and it wasn't the majority of players that complained.
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