"Free Nobs" Tab in Oracle*Updated*

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Do you think we should still be able to watch a set amount of ads per day for nobility?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. The fyber option works well enough

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  1. Semi support. I dislike the "offers" although some are legit and well worth it
    However many games do the vidéo aspect for some rewarda which im ok with. Ill watch a 30 second ad guaranteed to make the game im playing some cash while getting a minor reward (xtal here or there. Some nobs. Etc;)
  2. It’s been two years omegalul
  3. Advertising is important well at least they say it is because other companies make money off advertising that's how it works so every add this in the internet and every game that's on the internet has to have advertisement including spotty which I just heard an ad so if we could change that for car that's one thing but I don't think it'll work because it's got something to do with the law.
  4. Added a new poll!
  5. I’ve never had app downloads only ever surveys which I don’t trust.
    Tap joy is also problematic from other games I’ve played because the rewards can take weeks to come through and that also is mostly made up of surveys and purchase offers.