"Free Nobs" Tab in Oracle*Updated*

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Do you think we should still be able to watch a set amount of ads per day for nobility?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. The fyber option works well enough

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  1. !! Support!!!!!
  2. They wont
  3. Support 
  4. No don't take it away. Today so far I've gotten 155 nobs from doing it.
  5. There are many solutions to this problem, one being removing(fyber) it and replacing it with another company, 2 removing it all together or 3 adding daily videos/ads for nobs. The current system is bad. If you used and personal information gl, all marketing companies have it.
    Also, with all the people putting 'fake' info in, all the info must be valid, meaning your giving someones info away that does not consent, and i leave you with 2 Questions. 1 is that legal in any country where this game is primarily played. 2. Would you like to have all your information, including your credit scores/ payment history/various other info, recieved off only a phone number or a name or an adress, and collected without your consent, and shared withother companys which share with others, eventually leading to marketing companies,etc
    Some people may not understand nor care till it affects them, but i ask you to just think about this when you use it.

    Thank you
  6. You were my 420th comment... Lol.
  7. That's including your post as a comment, so I was really the 419th :3
  8. Full support here m8
  9. This is the last bump this thread will ever recieve(non-mod)

    I thank all the supporters who supported this thread, in attempts to get a better nobility system in kaw, either through the replacement of the current company or by the addition of another (TapJoy for example )

    Alas, petitions usually don't change anything, as evident through past experiences.

    Consequently this thread no longer serves purpose. Being that it was created in July, Significant time has passed for the kawmunity to see and or participate in this petition.

    Again, i thank you for all the support that has been shown. (This is optimistic ) but maybe this can be start of a more interactive future where we actually have say(%) in how the game proceeds

    -Regards suptis2
  10. Locking per OP's request.
  11. After 6 months of waiting, i believe it is time to reopen this thread. Please read my previous comment and see the truth in it.

    If you recognize your name on the list under another name or alt, please do not support it again. And if you did change your name, i would appreciate it if you stated so, so i could update the list further. Thank you

  12. Rank 167 I changed my NAME