"Free Nobs" Tab in Oracle*Updated*

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Do you think we should still be able to watch a set amount of ads per day for nobility?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. The fyber option works well enough

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    No support ive earned over 3000 nobs on the gambling ones.....ss to prove if required.....ive paid roughly £70 for 3000 nobs this way
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    "Free nobs"
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    Support, I have found a few offers that work, but it is a very small amount considering how many I have attempted.
  5. Hey Guys. After procrastinating over this for a while, i have finally put all supporters into color cordinated, cs based groups. From now on all new supporters will be placed into groups based on combined stats, each with a specific color, per ease of visual of the supporters/viewers of this thread

    Unfortunately during my work i found that many people who had once played this game and supoorted this thread are now inactive and or quit(at least 15%), even a personal friend of mine. A moment of silence for these accounts .

    Additionally, quite a few users have changed their names or removed their comments, resulting in me not being able to find their stats and thus, resulting in them being left in the color white.

    If you know these users names and would like to tell me that users new name, or if you are that user you can pm or comment below and it will be changed

    =¤☆¤☆For all the supporters and future supporters, i did/will calculate your cs within 0-1mil cs of the actual number, so if you would like to know a very close 2nd answer to your current cs, comment, pm me , or wall me¤☆¤☆

    Any Comments, Questions, Suggestions, Opinions and or experiences are always appreciated.

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    I've never had one of these work for me... Honestly don't remove it but have like video ads to watch to get them...
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    Yes! This!!!!
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    ^ Honestly though. Ive seen so many sucessful games have ads that you can watch for in game-premium currency. I cant understand why it wasnt implemented into this. They'd make more money then they get from fyber anyway, As people people would flock to watch ads. They could even set a cap at a certain number of videos/ads a day and people would still watch them.You gotta think more than 10,000 users play this game ever few days or every day. Even if Ata makes $.01 per ad watched, 50,000 ads watched(5 per day per user or ip) bruh thats like 500 dollars you'd never get from us buying nobs. And thats only if 10k users watch a capped limit of 5 ads/videos a day and yall make $.01 per video/ad watched
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  11. Support. Replace it with tapjoy. Works so much better.
  13. Support, they had me chasing them for a month for my nobs only for them to turn around and say 'sorry, the code didn't work'. Damn waste of money.