Free comp 20 b to winner 7b second place

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  1. So after 8 yrs playing RL has become a drain on me mentally and physically to which I'm leaving kaw😔 IV made alot of friends and IV also made enemies😂 as a Goodby I wanna do a comp winner gets 20b and second place 7-8b free no entry fee.
    The completion is the best poem poems can only relate to kaw nothing eles IV pm the Devs to see if they will judge so will be fair.
    Entries open form now and will close 10 am PST Friday I hope u all join in be gd to see what poems come out gd luck ( dolly )
  2. a haiku

    i have arthritis
    from tapping all god damn day
    someone please help me
  3. Most people tap all day😂 I'd like to leave kaw on a high n give sumet bk like my charms it's a bit of fun and I. Have messaged Devs to see if the will judge
  4. The strong will rise The weak will fall
    Build your kingdom to be the best of them all
    Attach equipment and hire allies too
    Don’t forget your furniture too
    Many come and go
    friends you make will seem like a lifetime ago
    Never forget the strong will rise and the weak will fall
  5. You’re playing your War Game yet again
    Epic battles, Fighting in wars, and giving pain
    Feeling no Karma, you’re in too deep,
    You can’t keep crushing smalls and taking a loss, trade some things don't build a wall, build a bond,
    Fighting a War feeling pain for your victims
    You know they are going to fail
    Peace is long gone there lays no answer,
    You’ve got power, but yet you stay calm, cool and collective may all the noobs be gone and what lays left are all the kingdom's at war
  7. Ode to Kaw! By Ramb0😎

    My life on KAW has been like a SEESAW

    Cherished every moment played with AWE

    Attacked/Stole/Assassinated Scouted Ebs

    Without FLAW, Plunder-Wars to begin with, Osw’s fought to Draw!

    Whilst my favourite Pet was hands down Corsairs MACAW 🦜 the memories are so fresh & still so RAW!

    It’s sad to see you go, to see you WITHDRAW

    I farewell thy DOLLY hope to see you again

    someday on KAW!!
  8. Rambo👍 IL b bk eventually but I need to sort RL out why wanna go out with a bang and have bit fun with u guys my charms useless if I don't play so bit of fun could go Ur way😂 GL guys and Ty for 8 yrs of ups and downs made alot friends on here
  9. Chatter
    I started this game,
    All naive and lame.
    But as I kept tapping,
    I find it truly fascinating,
    That deeper stickier bonds,
    Form with laughs and good ole' fun,
    Although it isn't like MOBA,
    Socializing's a grade A,
    Who knew that all this tapping,
    Doesn't stop us from ever returning?

    But when I came back one day,
    I found my friends had left away.
    This old text-based game,
    Nothing like what new kid's play,
    I missed the chatter, the silent noises,
    And the variety of wc's races.
    I missed the good ole' times,
    But I wish they'll think it fine,
    to visit this game for one more try.
  10. I drive the roads
    I break the law
    The police codes
    I drive and kaw

    And by and by
    Attack troops went
    A scout, a spy
    My troops were spent

    I play when mad
    I play when happy
    At war I'm bad
    I tappy tappy

    My bars are low
    My xtal's gone
    I self ko
    A reset bomb

    And now the eb
    Is at it's end
    An Nk freebie
    Some charms please send.

    Thank you
  11. 20b gold or charms 🥴
  12. all these poems sounds like advertisements
  13. First day at kaw

    It was Samsung s4

    Installed kaw on my phone

    I was like hey folks how to play this game yo

    Second day someone had volleyed me up

    I got some millions to build up

    Asked which build shall I build

    Everyone said build a lvl2 guild

    So I did though I was not much thrilled

    Finally someone invited me to clan

    To get those war beasts killed

    Got some more gold

    Explored lowland even got some allies sold

    After some months got some mcs stats

    Got invited to join clan war didn’t know what was going on my bad

    We won the war although as the wc was intact

    Finally I knew what kaw was abt

    It was not the eb it was abt war

    Built some bfa got into Indis war

    Got stripped one night

    Woke up to be naked

    Had some silver bars

    Thought I will rebuild n smack it

    But now devs introduced rewards introduced charms introduced ll wars introduced this introduced that

    Many players quit I was among that

    Now I have returned

    Bored of lockdown

    Everyone lets have fun

    Be safe from covid-Nine ton

    Lemme build some bfa and towers agn

    N smash the wars like I had done

    B4 the times when devs had messed up

    Everyone better be dressed up

    Coz the noob has returned agn

    To conquer ya all n get ya all drained

    Idk if its a poem or some bars but here goes my entry for the chicken 🐥🤡😎
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  14. The Trail of GOA:

    There was a little boy named GOA
    who claimed to be big, bad, like TOA.

    He travelled in and out of clans
    not knowing who to call his man.

    First five homes got smashed and trashed
    ran to DS, oh lord, they laughed.

    Cuz they too fell as GOA came
    he smelt like 💩, all died in vein.

    Now he hides inside a clan
    secret service is his plan

    to cry and cry until they fall
    YAFI losers, death to all.

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  15. It started good....

    KaW has lasted longer than most
    apps in playstore 10 years, a toast! 🍻🥂🍻

    we fight we fall we grow we war
    with friends and foes it's all we ar(e)

    players inside this virtual world
    complain to devs we want a word

    they ruined KaW with greed in mind
    pay to play is not our kind

    now we less than ever before
    unite together for this lore:

    give us free cows like kiki's ass
    so big and round, almost got class

    tho thicc is not a word I choose
    to describe her more like a goose

    for she accepts all runners here
    Yafi mainly she holds so dear

    noone else will join in thier fight
    for kiki's ass really aint that tight

    I can go on forever more
    I'm back by calling kiki a 😳😳😳🤫
  16. I play this game everywhere I go.
    To this day my girlfriend doesn't know.
    Fourth time I've come back and I'm here to stay.
    Because Kaw is an addiction and I can't keep away.

    I hit ebs mostly although I occasionally war.
    I always lose because at war, I am poor.

    We gotta farm those charms and the furniture too.
    I have more charms, am I better than you?
    The answer is no, please don't farm me!
    I only hit you four times, that's not farming, do you agree?

    We make friends, we lose some.
    We laugh and we cry.
    In lockdown we play.
    For the need of this social hub war game means I'm on it all day.

    We reminisce about old times,
    to the Kaw of old.
    Where crestplates didn't exist
    and you built buildings with gold.

    And when Kaw is finished
    and everyone has gone.
    Ill still be sat here playing,
    I'll be here, all alone.
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  17. Guam you should post In nal ca when you all beg for a CF make sure they call me DADDY 😎
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  18. lmfao, u seem butthurt GOA 👆
    did I hurt ur feels baby boi?
  19. soooooo.... who won?
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