Free clam giveway

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kasama, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, I'm giving a clan away to ONE lucky person.

    Just post in 25 werds or les why u want da clam.

    Also like and share the video.

    Not really.

    Just post the best clan name you can think of... Vest clan name gets clan.

    Ye boi.


  2. Oysters and mussels
  3. it's not funny lol
  4. I want the clam because my grandma makes good clam chowder.
    Kawclamatic :lol:
  5. I don't like clams I'll pass
  6. Clam down and give me the clam Kasama you know you wanna. Clam and chill?
  7. So are you giving away seafood or money cause ill have both
  8. Clam chowder
  9. I would name clan 'a cliff' so when I kick people from it, it would say "famine has dropped you from a cliff" I'm a killer
  10. I'm the best!
  11. Be jealous of my cargo! For thY sideburns are legendary!
  12. "The Secret Society Of Sexy Stalkers Who Stalk Sleeping Sheep"
  14. I'd name the clan Asian Stalkers.
  15. Kasama likes to jam out with his clam out
  16. Clan name: Night Runners
    I want the clan because I don't think I will ever gather enough to get a clan myself
  17. *Sees Clam in title*

    -Opens Excitingly thinking I'll get a clam-

    *Sees it's about a clan*

    - Throws Phone and Dies Inside -