Frank and Slim's Betting Booth PvP

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  1. And they're off!!!

    Welcome to Slim and Frank's betting thread, where we have two people, groups, clans, alliances, etc PVP and we get to bet on them.

    Here are the rules:

    Player A and Player B say that they are fighting on this thread.

    Better A puts 1 million on Player A

    Better B puts 1 million on Player B

    If player A wins, everyone who bet against him has to put money in to pay them off. The winning betters have to hit with troops (no spies) so that the losers can know who's hitting them, which helps because then we won't start a war. I'll put who's fighting, the odds, etc. on the op, and I'll edit them in.

    Behavior Rules:

    1. We only accept bets in gold, volleys, and allies.

    2. 1 bet per person per fight,

    3. Banter is OK, as long as it isn't personal, threatening, etc. As a rule of thumb, don't break the ToU or RoC.

    4. Bets continue till the fight is over.

    5. No refunds on losses

    6. You can't take away a bet if the tides turn.

    7. If you want people betting on you, here's wait for the current fight to end, and wall me. If you're the first, you two are in. If not, try again when the current fight ends.

    8. You are strictly forbidden from hitting players when they're competing. Anyone caught doing so is banned from the thread and from betting. The rule only applies to those who know they are fighting. Contestants are asked to put something in their banner to show that they are not allowed to be hit until further notice.

    9. I banned, you may have 1 one, and only one, hearing. If me and slim decide it's ok, you're ban is lifted. If not, you will never be allowed to come onto this thread.

    Officials (me and slim) have decided to allow a maximum of 4 fights at a time on this thread. Currently, we have 4 fights out of four going on right now. We can hold 0 more fight(s) at the moment.

    Fight 1. Anonymous clan vs. Psychosis Clan
    5 bets on Anonymous
    Protean puts 1 billion
    Coyote puts 10 billion
    Slim puts 110 billion
    Jackson puts 100 billion.
    Good Robot puts 3 billion on it.
    0 bets psychosis
    No odds info.

    Fight 2. slim vs. it burns when I tap.
    Odds info:
    Slim has attack average of 1,312,838
    Tap has attack average of 17,369,189.5
    Odds for attack stats: 16, 056, 352.5 in favor or Tap.

    2 bets for tap winning
    Coyote puts 10 billion on it.
    Good Robot puts 2 billion on it.

    Fight 3. Protean vs. Sweet and Sour
    2 bets for Sweet and sour
    Slim puts 4 billion on it.
    Good Robot puts 3 billion on it.
    Fight 4. Mercutio vs. plmparoo
    Attack/defend averages- 103,010 to 84,105 in favor of plmparoo.
    Spy/spy defense averages- 94,500 to 45,000 in favor of plmparoo.

    2 bets in favor of Mercutio
    Balto puts 6 trillion on Mercutio winning.
    Good Robot puts 4.5 billion on it.

    0 bets for plmparoo.

    Hall of Fame

    Instigator of the first clan v. clan
    Anonymous Jackson

    First Competitors
    BoobsRule & Mercutio

    First Person to put more a bet in the trillions
    First Winner

    Wall of Shame
    This is for people who lost fights, and for those who are banned permanently for rule infracture.
    1. (Loss) Protean- He was the first person to lose a fight.
    2. (Banned) xXLegend-DonkeyXx. He hit one of the competitors. He will be given a hearing tomorrow.
    3. (Banned) BoobsRule. He didn't respect a truce made for him, after he was hit on the outside. He gets a hearing.


    Balto and his alts: 0 wins 0 losses and 1 tie.
    He has been in 2 fights.
    Protean: 0 wins 1 loss and 0 ties.
    He has been in 1 fight.
  2. How do I put the current bets on the other thread here without typing them? For accuracy, of course.
  3. How do we get our money, if nobody is betting on Boob?
  4. Hope someone bets.
  5. Negative 1 gold for BoobsRule
  6. @Zeth No one gets the money. An unfortunate occurrence. But someone's gonna bet on him. At least boob will.
  7. 55,100,000,000 on merc winning, > 1 for boob winning
  8. Is that a bet or an odds thing?
  9. The opponents has to match the Bet. So somebody has to bet 55 Bil on Boob.

    What? Haven't you ever played poker?
  10. If no one bets on Boobs winning, we farm him till we get our funds.
  11. Bets
  12. You already put a bet,
  13. Look at his build... He will never see 55B in his KaWReeR lol
  14. No total of bets for merc to win- 55B total for noobs- 1
  15. Oh. When boobs loses, we can just farm him till we get our money.
  16. Odds for Boobs to win? : 0.0001/100, lol