Foxes vs. Regulators War

Discussion in 'Wars' started by joe_, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Never give up! Never surrender!

    Unless your facing Regs, LR and friends.
    Turns out, you were losing
  2. That was entirely unintentional ;)
  3. Good war Regulators - well fought - though it ended too quickly IMHO
  4. d3athd33l3r that is not how the cf went down at all. This was not a mutual cf and to try to make it look like anything other than what it was is dishonorable...
  5. I have so many responses to that -ooz-, so many indeed. I'm fairly proud of myself for not crushing any and all "arguments" this war.
  6. You're not helping either with that either Stoirin-_-
  7. Matt- why did you say regs twice? Lol. I think the bama hat is starting to infect you 
  8. Aheeeem I said hi sholron!!!!
  9. Sorry, hi Pinky :D
  10. Ca says be respectful 

    Um... I have a lot of nice new shiny pots  
  11. I have a nice couple of new lands too ;)
  12. Matt you forgot foxes.
  13. wouldn't a lock deprive the community of hearing? i mean you wouldn't want them getting it second hand i would think

    wheres belles foot pic mind
  14. Love u joe_ nice post for real
  15. Lol. And of COURSE my foxes and outlawz brothers and sisters. There until the end. And there in the future. Bound by blood. Hardened by the scars of war.
  16. Actually the lock is to prevent this thread from becoming like the last two...where most of the "war talk" came from alts and accounts too chicken to actually war. :lol:
  17. Great War guys from both sides
    Happy kawing and let's all kill that ghost(haunting)
  18. Respect to foxes, voodoo, armageddon, and outlawz!!!
  19. grr for big talking chicken alts :?