Foxes vs. Regulators War

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  1. Thx Shady. Was a refreshing break to be sure.
  2. A big thanks to everyone involved, on both sides. You made KAW fun for a while again. Huge thank
    To the banks on both sides. You guys work hard for your clans and deserve the recognition.

  3. Good lord Belle, remind me not to ever haggle with you, you like a maths demon !
  4. Do most here feel that mostly alts fought the actual war versus mains? Just curious - cause this is my main acct and war is not a frivolous matter when time and money is invested.
  5. I didn't think so... There were a few pot burners but very little.
  6. Well fought too everyone.

    Special shout outs to:
    That other guy who was all over my wall ;)
    Band aid

    I had a lot of fun. I got a little shaky part way through, mainly just annoyed, but our leaders did an amazing job of keeping moral up.

    Special thanks to joe and PJenn.
  7. Evil dreamz!! Sorry for forgetting your name there. Post war brain fart.
  8. This is my main n I gave it all I had here on shade... But idk bout most but ik alpha uses mains a LOT
  9. Good game all! Foxes respect to u for taking on a group of big war clans. Respect to regs for defending themselves.
  10. Good job everyone.
  11. I enjoyed this osw compared to my previous expierences in it. There are a lot of big clans out there that go for smaller clans or a single person cough cough zaft.
    Thanks guys and girls... now lets all pot up and get ready for the next
  12. ^ur a moron for mentioning zaft.. Just sayin
  13. Just a disclaimer you may not want to mess with Darmada o_O
  14. So.. About that cake
  15. Well.. I'm not sharin
  16. At bellemorte. I made 750 mill to 1.2.bill each run of troops not with a 12 bill alley. I should have been more specific. If I was active enough to hit every hour I would have really cleaned up. In the end I have a shitload of attack pots. Did 4 t5 lvl2 upgrades 2 during war. 2 this morning plus bought my 44th land and 16 bill in crappy allies. And I still have bars banked and plenty of attack pots. I only had to use attack pots on three members I was hitting. So I did not use a lot
  17. Great job .Alpha. And .Alpha Omega. And Allie clans. Ty for good war everyone else
  18.  Great OSW! I haven't had this much fun in a long while! Sorry I didn't get to stay in it for the last couple of days do to RL issues but it was refreshing. And cool to have others hit back then having to hit the repeat button over and over again.
    Much RESPECT to all who fought hard in this war! 