Foxes Vs iG system war round 3

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Swabia, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Threats from an animal, funny, I'll see you in war.

  2. Had 1.2T in allies yesterday ...70b today...wants to talk about clans being dead...ig couldn’t man a 20 vs 20 war on their own
  3. Bach....., you freaked out and asked viper to help you after three hits just cause you were in bl? Can’t wait to see your rage of 5 inc
  4. Did I ask viper for help? No, I told incubus also leave it, I don't care I'll make you cf in a matter of days.
  5. So when is the big day?
  6. read my wall bach. Anyway you slice it you told viper I hit you and you know know it was only 3 times. Stop acting the fool.
  7. I don't even talk to viper anymore, if he did I didn't know and I couldn't care less about your petty inc fool.
  8. Looks like fun. 
  9. Well well hi swabs

  10. See you in the war? I’ll enjoy some of that action. It’s been years.
  11. I mean if you want me to be I just saw the recent lb stats I’m only 4 billion off.
  12. Saddle up then. I think we have a good 15 original players. You’re the only holdout who’s active.
  13. Guess I’ll come out of the retirement home to have one last hoorah with my mates. Let’s kick ass.
  14. Well this is gonna be a Great War, Foxes you are gonna need a lot of luck to win this one
  15. Lol @ those uneven rosters. What a fail.
  16. Boooo it’s not even close to 120 vs 120.

    Also, this is the most lopsided matchup I’ve seen in anything....ever.
  17. Foxes problem, not ours, both had a month, shows who even bothered.
  18. OSW threads are lame unless a huge strip occurs.
  19. The declaration time was set for tomorrow not today ;)