Foxes Vs iG system war round 3

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Swabia, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. What this guy said.
  2. Inactives in both clans will be kicked or moved to sub clans for the duration of the war simple as that both clans have rules set for the war it’s just now about building rosters and waiting for the time to come for it to start!!! And We all know what clan I’ll be in
  3. Inactives will be kicked and then will be inactive. Hence the name. They won’t join sub clans. Then after the wars when all the actives leave (lets be honest, you won’t be staying in foxes or iG) both of hear clans will be left with 10-20 accounts.

    But I’m an optimist. I hope you each get 120 ACTIVE accounts on both sides for your system war. Is there a count on this roster yet? Let us place some bets.
  4. Will be fun to follow !! Interested in seeing OG’s in respective clans.
  5. So is this a system war? Like the old 48 hour wars?
  6. Hello Swabs,

    How many places are filled?

  7. And of course, Laoda, and all those peeps are gone.
    Only left the really oldies, who are playing at being EB Elfs
  8. I'll join either side
  9. Count me in. Lol 
  10. Yay
  11. Sounds like a good time
  12. I want to join but if I'm going to spend 48 hours awake griding something it's going to be a few other things before kaw :/ drive just isnt there for this game. Im interested to see who wins this though.
  13. So what you’re saying is you have nothing to add?

    Spots are still open in both clans.
  14. Woo im so pumped lets go iG we can do it lets finish this once and for all
  15. Best fight hard there my brother Tempesst  it will be a good time.
  16. Woot , glad to be back , enjoying the music in ig chat again