Foxes Vs iG system war round 3

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  1. Welcome one and all to the final tiebreaker war of the first two clans of KaW. The score now firmly sits at 1 win and 1 loss for both clans.

    When system wars were in Beta Fox and iG tested the war system and our payback for testing was our 120 slot clans.

    We will be running another war. It’s the 120 on 120 it should be. Both clans will be asking pro friends and face eating farmers with energy drink and a wish to stay awake for days squatting on the attack button to join them.

    Hold on to your giblets kids this is going to be a wild ride.

    Those veterans from the war in 2009 will be given open pass to war. We hope as many of the two dozen or so of us still active will all participate in one side or another.

    If you were in those wars but in one of the sub clans (like WiG as I was or German Foxes) please join up with your respective 120 slot clan and claim your seat on this wild ride. Tracking on those clans is a bit more difficult because we did not have records for those clans only the main two. In fact the clan system didn’t exist until after the second war.

    Good luck. May the techno music in CC guide your clan to victory.

    IG has agreed to the war. We have not settled on details such as date and duration of the war. We will update this thread with details once we agree on them.

    Fox and iG regularly work together now. This is not a war like the first two. It’s merely a war for the bragging rights of finishing the tie breaker and a fun jaunt down memory lane where we were forged as warriors and not PvE.

    Edit: war to be 48 hours starting on the 27th.

    Join a side by then you noobwiches
  2. You think there's anything but eb fairies and 10mcs left in the game? OPTIMISTIC.
  3. I'll be there
  4. I’m totally down can’t wait I barely sleep as is so few days no sleep is easy. Also huge support this mini event
  5. Which clan will u be joining Nova? 
  6. Well we all know I'll be here for it. Now this part is personal. Ayden I expect and trust you'll be with Foxes for this event. Looking forward to seeing you brother. If you choose to stay away, I can respect that as well.
  7. Good luck Foxes!
  8. Love it!!!! Best wishes to both
  9. This is going to be fun.
  10. You have the 240 actives you need to fill both clans? If so that will be awesome.

    If you kick all the inactives in the clans to fill up the rosters for war though, from the looks of both clans activity levels there will only be 20 or so accounts left in both clans after the war is over. If you don’t kick all the inactives sitting in both clans, it will really only be a 20-30 vs 20-30 active players war. Not nearly as awesome as 120 vs 120 actives.
  11. Seems to me history shows a 2-1 win loss, can you clarify?
  12. Shows a 2-1 what?
  13. You can count me in, and im Bringing Ajax.
  14. Oh that’s exciting! Can’t wait
  15. Can i join the war? Miss old plunder war
  16. Sure pm someone of which clan to join
  17. I may have to head back over for this
  18. I’m definitely in!! Good luck Foxes

  19. Yeah tbh i thoight ig won